Is early marriage advisable?

Early marriage has become more or less a trend in the country as young ladies now go into matrimony without looking back. Some think after tertiary education, marriage should come next while others feel when their guys are ready, no need to waste time.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinion of Nigerians, who reveal to us their take about early marriage.


MRS. OLAYEMI ADEBOWALE – I think early marriage is a good thing. It’s something that brings happiness to those who know the value. For me, it might not be a good idea because as the head, men have the biggest role to play in marriage. That’s why it’s meant for adult. I mean men who had work hard for their financial stability.

Marriage is not an easy task, it’s a life contract. So, finding the right partner early enough is a good thing. Personally, I will tell you early marriage is good for every individual (men) who are capable of taking care of their home.


GODWIN OJEIFOR – Marriage is a good thing. But early marriage can be deceiving at times. This is why you see many people running in and out of marriage. I believe the union between two matured couple can be more durable than young couples because they both know the worth, value of marriage.

Young couples these days lack simple knowledge about the word marriage. At times people think marriage is very easy but they got it wrong. It can only be easy if you understand your partner perfectly, this is why I advice couples to be prayerful. It takes prayer to build a happy home. So, I don’t really accept the idea of ‘early marriage is the best’, like many will say, I just believe every individual should ,go for what suits them, at the right time and for perfect reasons.


MISS DOLAPO OKUNADE – I really support the idea of early marriage for couples who are financially okay. I think it’s the best decision for young men and women. Don’t get me wrong, it can be the worst decision for jobless couples. The joy of every married man is to be able to meet the needs of his family. So, before making plans for marriage, a man must work towards a stable income.

And for ladies, it’s so painful that some ladies are willing to be married early without thinking of how to contribute to the growth of the marriage. Many ladies nowadays seek a financially stable man without having a dime to contribute. It’s absurd, ladies now see marriage as something they can go in and out of at will. This is why we have broken homes all around. What I’m saying is this, early marriage is a perfect idea for couples who know the value and not a gold-digging type of marriage.


LANRE OBATAYO – Early marriage is a wonderful thing. I got married at 29, then my wife was 24, now we are both enjoying the marriage. Our first child is a grown young man now, so, I’m rest assured that I won’t use my pension for school fees.

If you look at the benefits of getting married early, it’s wonderful. The problem many couples have is they don’t know how to go about it. Early marriage can be sweet at first, but at the same time challenging. It now depends on the couple’s understanding to be able to cope. To me, early marriage starts from 18 years – 28 years. So, for the success of such marriage, both parties need a lot of councelling and orientation. I did it and it worked for me. So, I say to you that it’s a good idea.


MRS. FAITH IDOWU – Early marriage or late marriage, I will say everyone should just go for the right person. I mean someone you are compatible with. What baffles me nowadays is the issue of ‘baby mama’. What’s baby mama? It doesn’t make any sense. Our celebrities who are supposed to be a role models are now misinterpreting the whole marriage perspective.

I think people should concentrate more on their personal life so as not to be misled by the so called celebrities. Try as much as possible to go for your ideal partner. Either early or not, marriage is marriage.


MRS. OLAITAN – Early marriage does a lot of good to the couple, especially the woman. She will be able to take care of her children and watch them grow. She will even have enough time to rest and relax from child birth at a very early age.


MISS IFY – The couple will have time to plan their future well, in short their home will be well planned and their children will enjoy their parents too. The mother will have enough time to take care of the house chores and other family responsibilities. But most girls of now a days will say they are not of age and some men will say they don’t have money to take care of a family.


MISS CAROLINE – Early marriage is a very wonderful experience but most people wait for wealth and maturity which does not come by age. Rather, it is the mindset. You can be at age of 50 years and still be poor, behave like a child. While some at the age of 22 years are matured and earn good living.

So to marry early is good only if you know you are ready.


MRS. BIODUN DANIELS – Early marriage is good, I got married at age 28 but my siblings got married at age 25 and they are all through with child bearing before 34 years. The problem we have with our youths is the fear of the unknown. Marriage is an institution where you can never know your partner forever, so the earlier you start knowing him or her, the better it becomes.


JOSEPH BAMIDELE – Early marriage is wonderful, though I got married in my late 30s. I am not recommending this to anyone but as a matter of fact I already have investments for my two sons but if I see anyone who wants to get married early, I will surely support him or her because I can always use myself as an example.


EDWIN JEROMI – There is nothing wrong with early marriage. After all, the generation before us married even earlier than 25 or 26 and most of them had build their own houses at this age with dependent relative to cater for. But these days, it is different because even at age 25, most Nigerians are just completing their degree and still staying under their parents roof and their parents are still paying their bill. So I don’t think I will advice it for these generation but it is a good thing.


KAYODE – What is the essence of getting married early and being kicked out of marriage. If a man waits till age 40 to get the right partner, he’s better than the guy that married at 25 who is facing divorce or domestic abuse. It’s not about how long but how well.


KEVIN – It is good, the earlier the better. You will watch your children get married and have children and watch their own children have children right before your eyes but if you wait too much it is not really advisable.

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