‘It feels good to bag another endorsement- Femi Adebayo

Talented actor, Femi Adebayo got a new endorsement with Kayode Obembe and Co. Limited as its real estate ambassador in Nigeria a couple of days back. The partnership will span two years where the prolific and multiple award winning actor will feature in Kayode Obembe & Co’s commercials, make special guest appearance at the company’s major events and assist in promoting the brands in Nigeria and the diaspora.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with Femi Adebayo about his new endorsement, appointment as Special Assistant on Culture and Tourism to Kwara State governor and more.


Congratulations on your new deal and appointment.

Thank you.

How does it feel to be face of Kayode Obembe & Co brands at home and abroad?

It feels great marketing their real estate business. I have seen their customer base, both within and outside Nigeria. I have been working with the company for a couple of months now. They have good reputation, they are committed to excellent service. They are here to provide affordable housing opportunities and real estate investment window.

They are here to empower their clients to make better informed investment decisions in their bid to either create wealth or become home owners through property development.

How are you relishing your new experience as Special Assistant to Kwara State Government on Tourism and Culture?

I saw the appointment as a challenge and call to serve my people. I am very excited about it. It is totally different from the four walls of location. To God be the glory. With the commission and guidance of his excellency, we will see what to do.

How do you juggle your new deal, appointment and acting career?

When you are talking about branding and real estate, you are indirectly talking about tourism. I will try as much as possible to extend my tourism office to Kayode Obembe & Co. I am definitely bringing them to invest in Kwara State.

That will create employment, comfortability for the people of Kwara. It will also generate more revenue for the people.

What are your plans as Special Assistant to Kwara State government?

In Kwara State, we have so many beautiful culture and tourist sites people do not know. First thing we are to do by His grace and with the permission of his Excellency, Dr AbdulFatai Ahmed, is to do so many programmes to showcase Kwara State culture and tourism sites people do not know.

We want to do so many things so that people will know the tourist sites in Kwara State. We are using this opportunity to invite investors to Kwara State to partner the state, develop the tourist sites so that we can create more employment and generate revenue for the state.

Will you say Femi Adebayo is gradually going into politics?

No, I am not a politician. It is an appointment. It is not an elective post. It is a call to serve. I believe His Excellency felt I can add colour to culture and tourism in my state that is why I was appointed.

Are you quitting acting for your new roles now?

I am called to serve and I will give it my 100 percent. Serving as Special Assistant to His Excellency is a huge distraction to my career as an actor. I do not mind because the society has done so much to honour me. I think I need to give back as well.

Has your appointment really affected the kind of movie scripts you accept?

My appointment is a huge distraction to my movie career but I don’t mind.

When was the last time you went on location?

I can’t remember.

Will you do any movie at any time relating to your appointment?

That is what I don’t know. I will think about it later.

Don’t you think by the time you come back, you might have lost relevance?

Acting is living, just like law. It is business by His grace, I will continue to be relevant.

Will you practice what you studied in school?

In as much as I am a qualified barrister, at any point in time, I can appear. At the law court. It is important that I follow the professional ethics of law. It will not permit me as a practicing lawyer to venture into any order business. This is because, as a lawyer, they believe you must have enough time to represent your client and prepare well in other not to misrepresent the court. If I stop acting, I can go into full time practice.

For now, I am not a practicing lawyer.

We don’t see you in English movie, is it deliberate?

Yes, it is. I am a promoter of culture. Ever since I have chosen to be in the limelight, I have chosen to be a promoter of culture. I want our culture to remain.

Can you act nude?

Yoruba movies are meant to promote culture. It is not in our culture to act nude. I will never.

In Kwara State, we have the Molete Film Village. In what ways are you using your office to promote the village?

The executive governor of Kwara State has seen so much opportunity in film making that is why they supported Molete Film Village. I have no doubt that the village will come into limelight and experience a lot of patronage by this time next year. Work is going on there.



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