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Knocks for Ooni, Olori Wuraola as marriage collapses

The social media has been abuzz since Olori Wuraola Zaynab Otiti Ogunwusi confirmed the collapse of her 16 monthly marriage to Ooni of Ife (Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi).

Here are some comments on the social media on the now ill-fated union:

Oboki International:

Na waoo. Just 2016 you guys got married… And the marriage got expired in 2017? The manufactured date and expired date are so close. NAFDAC must hear this.


Sunny S2R:

Hey! And I love you people’s union. What’s happening, this is so rampant these days (marriage break-up)? Patience is the key, every marriage experiences its turbulent times especially first 2 years before the couple understand themselves better. Had mine in first 2 wks, then 4 wks, 2 months, on our 1st baby’s 1 yr Birthday, after delivery of our 2nd baby. In all, even though I’m naturally gentle but had to pray for more patience as I always tell my wife both parties will receive the glory of a successful marriage as both parties will also be blamed if failed. Year after year – getting better. Even though not by power but as human beings God has given every creature in His own image wisdom & understanding to handle issues with Patience, Tolerance, Endurance, Love, Peace, Care, Understanding, etc. Even if a marriage doesn’t produce children at the moment, couple involved still work things out and make themselves happy, some might be delayed, some might require medical/fertility professionals before they settle for any other lasting solution……………………..



There is no problem that is irreconcilable. Let us let go and let God handle the situation for us….



Haba, could it be that Kabiyesi doesn’t have enough time for her? Oluwaami ero o! Kaaaaaaaaaaaaabiyesio


Olaoluwa Emmanuel:

Madam, since you are no more with Ooni of Ife, can u please remove Her Highness from your name abi them born am join you ni? Or you can add ‘Former’ to it.



Haba Nigeria. The Monarchy also cry. 2016 to 2017, is this how Monarchs marry? In Nigeria I mean. But come to think of it shaoo!! I don’t remember this marriage taking place in the church – (not that those church marriages nefa break up) but this one came like lighting. It is symptomatic of Nollywood and Hollywood type marriages. It possibly must be due to very poor assessment of the likely outcome by the Princess. She probably must have forgotten that the Prince is entitled to as many wives as possible. Did the chicken come home to roost then? Probably. So all ye single girls out there, the Prince is now available. Ye young men, so is the Princess but una go need strong liverooo with a lot of pepper.



What I will advice is that we should live our today decently so that it won’t hunt us tomorrow.


Alhaji, alhaji:

Olori seems to better schooled than the Ooni. So compatibility & adaptability has become a They dont belong to the same social class..



This is really sad. Something is wrong somewhere.


Tla unnuga:

The truth is coming out gradually, Ile ola ni iyonu, no one is immune. Let both parties move on peacefully. Meanwhile, a new Olori has been unveiled.


Olusola Olar Plendo:

No matter what happened to man in life, life goes on. I wish you best of luck baby Wuraola


Olori Mofola:

The real story is that wuraola isn’t respectful….and in Yoruba culture, any child born or anybody that has been in that family before you were married into it is to be respected!….. She should have learnt this because even in Benin, this is applicable. And she can’t say she didn’t enjoy the marriage, she did… least for more than a day. As for the sisters, if this is true….they will meet their own eventually…


Funmi Adewola:

Women are forever our own nemesis.

I kind of agree with the abysmal marital status of the royal sisters – no woman who is in healthy marriage will not work for the sustenance of other people around her, especially the siblings.

However, a king who can’t keep his sisters in check over his private affairs is not something to grove about.

If he doesn’t man up to undue interference now, such will happen again and again.


Rotimi Akinade:

Olori rather beg Ooni her hubby to settle rather coming out to say all this irrelevant how does she come out if this problem that’s issue may God help her amen


Francis Eboka:

She should focus on rebuilding her broken life. On the issue of death for the wife of the monarch and her guy, if they straff. That Na old news. The African gods have gone crazy and blind. They no longer see anything


Uche Osondu:

Y are people always quick to condemn the women on issues like this. let us listen to both sides before concluding. Remember the Ooni has chased two previous women before her.


Rabi Femi Ola Williams:

These are one of the existential output I find difficult to tolerate you married a beautiful woman and as an oba you can’t find out the truth where is the potency of the Ifa divination to fish out wrong doing. Woman you better face the future and forget all the bigoted existential.

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