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Can you marry Ooni’s ex-wife?

Divorce is nothing new as it happens everyday. But the Yorubas are careful when it comes to tradition, most especially when a king divorces his wife. It is believed that no man should marry such a woman again unless they appease the gods.

Encomium. ng sampled opinions of men to know if they can marry Ooni’s ex-wife (Her Highness Zaynab Otiti Obanor).

Below are their responses…

Fatokun Samuel
I can’t marry her, not because she is Ooni of Ife’s ex-wife but because she had married before. No matter the person she’s married to, I can’t just marry her.

Mr Jajeloye Sunday
I can’t marry her at all, because I don’t want any bad repercussion on me. She was already married to a king, so I can’t marry her.

Lawal Oluwafemi
Sure,I can marry her based on her pedigree. If I am not looking at her past that she married the Ooni  Ife  before. But if I love her,I can marry her.

Adetoye Olawale
As for me, I can’t marry her because she chose to be single… I don’t even have taste for such type of lady.

Agunbiade Michael
I can’t marry that type of lady because of her past, it is a huge past that someone can not manage to be with.

Shoteye Jamiu
No, l can’t marry Ooni of Ife’s ex-wife because she is someone that married to a whole Ooni. Assuming she was married to ordinary person, I can still marry her. But for her to be married to a royal,I can’t marry her .

Aderibigbe Sunday
I can marry her, if they will not be any trouble at the end. Because the traditional said any man that want to marry her can do ritual and if the ritual work out then I can marry her.

Ojo Morakinyo
I can’t.  Even before she got married to Ooni, the news was Wuraola sleeps around and buy things on credit which she will never pay. 
Now look what happened to her, I can’t date talkless of marrying her. She should examine her life and correct her ways.

  • Shukurat Alimi for encomium



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