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Yorubas divided over spiritual cleansing for Olori Wuraola

Many Nigerians, especially the Yoruba have been reacting to the comment by ifa priest, Chief Yemi Elebuibon that the estranged wife of Ooni of Ife, Olori Wuraola Otiti must undergo spiritual purification if she decides to remarry inorder not to endanger her life and that of her partner. As some backed the statement, some believed it’s ordinary superstition which should be disregarded by the Edo born beauty queen.

Some Yoruba sons and daughters encomium.ng sought their views on this also reacted in the same vein.


‘I think that’s true’ – POPOOLA SALAMI

“That’s in accordance with Yoruba tradition. If she fail to observe the necessary rituals, she wont find it funny. And her partner will also suffer the repercursion severely. I think the man is very right. I will advise her to bow to that tradition.”


‘I don’t believe in that’ – ABIOLA OSUOLALE

“I think she should just disregard the statement. To me, it’s just an empty threat. In this century, i dont think such a thing holds any more. She should just file a divorce and move on.”


‘She should ignore the advice, this is a modern world’ – SHOLA ABIODUN 

“I don’t see any sense in such a thing anymore. This is a modern life. I think we should be more civilized than believing in such a stupid thing again. Left to me, Olori Wuraola should move on so far she has genuine reasons for her decision. But if their differences can still be reconciled, she should give it a second thought. But she shouldn’t be afraid of any ritual at all.”


“She shouldn’t joke with it.’ – ISAAC ADEYELE

“Our culture is still our culture whether you’re a Christian or Muslim. So far you have been crowned as Obs, you have become a deity, not an ordinary person any more. So, the belief is that any woman married to him cant leave him unless she ubdergies spiritual cleansing. Not even an Oba of Oni’s caliber. It will spell doom for the Olori and whoever she marries. This is not the issue of being born again at all, culture is culture. I advise her to do the needful.”


‘I disagree with that aspect of culture’ – SAIDI TAIWO

I dont believe in that aspect of culture. The man was just talking on his own. I dont even think Ooni hinsekf is ready for anything like that because he said Ooni will also be involved i thr rituals. To me, it’s a none issue. The wonan has tge right to file a divorce if so wishes.”


‘It’s negligible’ – SARAH OLOWU

“That aspect of culture is negligible nowadays. It’s an olden day practice. If Olori Wuraola decides to remarry, nothing will happen to her and her future partner. The man who said that is not a believer.”


‘I dont see any sense in that’ – ABDULWAHAB OLUWOLE

“I have never heard that since I was born, So, I can’t believe it. It’s designed just to tie down any Olori who may wish to leave her husband in time of adversity. Nothing will happen if she moves on. Sge sgoukd just hold on to God. The throne of any Oba is not as powerful as that of God.”


‘Olori should think twice’ – IYANDA ABIFALA

“Olori needs to think twice on the issue. She should consult very well before taking aby step at all. I will even afvuse she should reconcike with Ooni. But if she cant do that, she just have to go for the said spiritual cleansing as tradition demands.”


‘Olori needs to obey tradition’ – OSIYEMI DAISI

“The tradition stands till tomorrow unkess we dont want to tell ourselves the truth. And i believe the Olori herself kniws the truth. Even, it’s the same thing in Benin culture. So far she is married to an Oba of that calibre, that kind of marriage cant just pack up like that no matter the circumstance. And if it now happens, all the necessary rituals must be undergone for Olori and whoever she decides to move on with to be at peace in their marriage. So, she should obey the tradition and stop listening to wrong advice.”


– TADE ASIFAT for encomium.ng




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