Mixed reactions trail Buhari’s empty treasury claim

Nigerians have been reacting to Buhari’s revelation that former President Goodluck Jonathan left empty treasury for him. While some urged the new president to simply move on, others berated him for crying wolf…

‘Buhari has a difficult task ahead’ -HAFIZ ISHOLA

It is no surprise that Buhari met an empty treasury considering the era of impunity, waste and mismanagement the country witnessed under the Jonathan administration which was considered the most wasteful administration ever in this country. Buhari has a difficult task ahead in managing the economy.

‘It is so unfortunate’ -FUNKE ABIDOYE

It is so unfortunate he met an empty treasury, it shows the past government mismanaged our resources.

Get to work, Buhari!’ -EJIKE BARRY

How can a government that is really serious and committed to bringing about the change they promised be giving complaints upon complaints, it’s like they sat for this exam without even adequate preparation.

The APC needs to sit down and think, come up with ideas for policies that will generate income for the country and not complaining to heaven and earth. Get to work, Buhari!

‘Nigeria literally needs a surgical operation’ -JUDITH ALIA

It appears to me that Buhari and APC did not understand that Nigeria was in serious problem while they were campaigning and promising paradise on earth. Maybe they thought it was about chanting change.

Nigeria literally needs a surgical operation in many sectors of the economy. Or maybe they are just saying it to make the Jonathan government look really bad, who knows?

‘I hope some people in APC are not planning to corner our collective wealth’ -CHRIS KEHINDE NWANDU (CKN)

Over $30 billion in foreign reserve, $3 billion in ECA, N200 billion in Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) yet Buhari met an almost empty treasury! I hope some people in APC are not planning to corner our collective wealth.

‘Please, get to work and fill this treasury’  -EMEKA ANUNA

Empty treasury, Buhari, did Jonathan empty the treasuries of Osun, Imo and Rivers (under Amaechi) all APC states, who cannot pay the wages of their workers too?

Please, get to work and fill this treasury. That’s what you were elected to do with Change.

‘Why is Buhari complaining?’ – TOKUNBO PETERS

You guys don’t seem to get it. Buhari is preparing the ground for APC to renege on their numerous electoral promises. When they claim the treasury is empty, that is the first step to saying they can no longer pay N5000 to all unemployed Nigerians, they can no longer give free food to school children, they can no longer continue paying youth corpers’ allowances until they get employed, they can no longer add 5000MW of electricity yearly to the national grid. This is a government built on deceit and they would rule with deceit.

‘Buhari wants to probe them’ -FRED OKE

If he says he met an empty treasury, he is passing a message to past government politely just for them to see reasons he would have to come for them to recover the dollars they looted and embezzled. I am sure they got the message.

‘Nigerians are not ready to listen to any excuse’ -FALASE OLUBUNMI

Nigerians are not ready to listen to any excuse from Buhari. We had confidence in him, that’s why we voted for him. Meeting empty treasury is what he’s aware of before he was sworn-in as President. And he has assured us that he would deal with those who looted our treasury and recover the loot.

I think that’s what he needs to be doing now instead of giving us excuse of empty treasury. He should be more aggressive in his anti-corruption crusade and bring back our funds.

‘We want result, not excuse’  -OLAYINKA BABALOLA

It’s understandable that the previous administration really squandered our money but that notwithstanding, the present administration should make a way out and perform.

We want result, not excuse. He has the power to probe Jonathan’s administration which looted the treasury the most, why is he not doing that. I believe he should start probing all those that served under that administration so that they can account for the missing trillions.

If such is done, Nigeria won’t be broke again. I understand it’s a gradual process but he should show us signal to that effect and stop complaining.

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