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New surgery shapes your bottom under the skin

Plastic surgeons are offering surgery procedures which shapes the bottom under the skin. The procedure called,  internal spanx smooths, firms and lifts the derriere. It’s the latest cosmetic surgery ‘craze.’

Surgeons sew strips of elasticated mesh across the bottom to reshape it from the inside and lift the buttocks. The elasticated mesh is made from plastic and lasts forever. It’s attached to a bone and does not break down inside the body.  The procedure is only done in Brazil and Portugal at the moment, but doctors think it will become popular around the world soon.

Dr. Ricardo Ribeiro, who is known as as the Brazilian butt lift doctor is the first to recommend the reshaping service. He resides in Rio de Janerio, Brazil.  It’s reported that he has performed more than 100 of the operations in the last few years on women aged 30 to 60.

According to him, “The mesh has been used in surgical procedures, especially hernias, for many years…But we have applied the technology to cosmetic procedures. We are the first to offer it for bottom enhancement. After using it for other procedures, we have gained confidence and tried it for this.”

He also stressed that it works very well and gives a nice shape and lift. It also makes cellulite better. Dr. Ribeiro is the doctor who made Brazilian bottom lifting very popular. Brazilian bottom lifting procedure involves removing fat from the abdomen and re-injecting some of it into the buttock area.

It costs $6,000 including aftercare to undergo the surgery procedure. Like all cosmetic surgery which carries risks, several women have died after undergoing the procedure.


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