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No mercy for killer husband, Arowolo (2)


Killer husband, Akolade Arowolo should rot in jail or better face the hangman’s noose. That is the verdict of almost all Nigerians we sought their opinion on the death sentence given to him on Friday, February 21, 2014.

On the fate of Arowolo’s only daughter, Olamide, many reasoned that God will see her through since Arowolo who murdered his wife, Titilayo cared less about her while committing the heinous crime.


‘He should be given a lighter sentence’

No, because this punishment would not bring his wife back. I feel a lighter sentence should be passed not in the interest of his daughter because there would always be someone to look after her.


‘Let the law take its course

I don’t believe in an eye for an eye but in Arowolo’s case, let the law take its course. I don’t think so, he should be punished if the law says so.


‘We cannot question the law’

If the law says an eye for an eye, we cannot question the law, most especially in sensitive cases like this. No, I don’t think so, there is a possibility that he might kill the girl one day. Since she is linked to his late wife. What made him kill his wife can make him kill his daughter.


‘He doesn’t deserve any pity’

There is nothing wrong in an eye for eye in the case of Akolade Arowolo. He doesn’t deserve any pity. He should also die the same way he murdered his wife. I believe their daughter, Olamide would survive without the two of them.

Nigerians should not attach unnecessary emotions to it. People should not create any route for him to escape death.


‘He should die by hanging’

I am a woman, I don’t pray such a thing happens to me or any of my daughters. So, Akolade Arowolo should die by hanging. He is wicked. We can’t because of their only daughter beg for forgiveness for him. It’s God that takes care of every creature. And I believe that same God will be Olamide’s father and mother.


‘Let the law have its course’

I don’t believe in an eye for an eye but in the case of Arowolo, let the law have its course. Does he love his daughter in the first place? That is not an excuse for him not to face the wrath of the law.


‘He who kills should also die’

I support the death sentence given to Arowolo because he who kills should also die. He has the right to appeal but I don’t have any mercy on him. Olamide, his daughter, will surely survive.


‘No one kills another and goes scot free’

I think it is the right judgment. No one kills another and goes scot free, especially in the eyes of the law. No, he shouldn’t. His wife has a family that can take care of her and hopefully they will do that adequately.


‘Life imprisonment is okay for him’

I don’t really support death sentence because taking a person’s life won’t bring the dead back. Not a lighter sentence, a life imprisonment would be good so that he would continue to suffer for a longer period and as his daughter his growing he would know he denied her a mother.


‘No light sentence’

I think it’s cruel. Going the Biblical way, I think the death sentence is cool. Whoever kills by the sword shall die by the sword. No light sentence, he actually cut short the life of another man’s daughter, so, let him face the wrath of what he did.

The family of the late woman would take care of the girl.


‘I don’t think an eye for an eye is the best’

I can’t really say much because I don’t have the details of the story. I don’t think an eye for an eye is the best in this matter. Due to the fact that there is a daughter between them, it would be unreasonable for the court to sentence the man to death


‘The judgment is okay’

The judgment is okay, because anyone who kills by the sword must also die by the sword. The judge’s final decision was a very good one, because there is nothing on earth that should trigger you to kill a human being. It’s offence to God and humanity.


‘The judge’s judgment was too heavy’

The judgment is not fair at all, the judge should have considered the child, as there will not be parental care for her. The judge’s judgment was too heavy. It is true the offence is big but he should be considered. Anger can make anyone do the unbelievable.



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