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Northerners protest arrest of beggars in Fagba

Beggars (1)

– Chase away officials of ministry of youth and social development
There was pandemonium in Fagba, Lagos around 8.30 am on Wednesday, March 30, 2016 as some of the Hausa, mainly okada riders and ram sellers around the area, trooped out to prevent the beggars along the railway from being whisked away by the officials of the Lagos state Ministry of Youth and Social Development who were on routine check with a view to enforcing the anti-street begging law of the state.
The situation almost degenerated into serious crisis before the intervention of police men around the vicinity who quickly dispersed the crowd. had a chat with Ibrahim Ahmad , one of the Hausa fruit sellers in the area, and he narrated how the drama unfolded, “We’re all here going about our daily transactions as usual. And all of a sudden, I heard the noise from some of my people, protesting against the arrest of our brothers and sisters begging along this railway.
“Initially, we didn’t know who they were, not until we saw their vehicle. That’s why we wanted to fight them, and we had to mobilize our people from the okada park up there. But they later left without picking any of the beggars. Now, the beggars have also vacated the place”.

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