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Recession hardship escalates: Prices of basic items still rising

A lot of Nigerians crossed over to 2016 with great expectations, most especially as a new government just took over leadership. At the beginning, things were a bit rosy until the sudden wind of change blew across the country, leaving behind devastating effects. Ratee of dollar against naira jerked up, prices of commodities skyrocketed, price of fuel pump skyrocketed too. Nigerians have not yet come to terms with the resultant effect, companies relocated outside the country, mass sack across different sectors. Day in day out prices of communities have witnessed almost a 100 percent increment and became unaffordable for the masses.

ENCOMIUM Weekly presents prices of commodities as sold in major markets today.


Commodity                                                                            Now (N)  Before (N)

Toothpaste                                                                            250                         200

Tomato paste (sachet)                                                       70                           50

Bathing soap (Saveguard)                                               250                         180

Dish washing soap (Mama lemon big)                       450                         350

Morning Fresh (Big)                                                           400                         350

Sugar (Dangote small)                                                        130                         70

Sugar (Golden Penny Medium)                                      200                         150

Blue Band (Medium)                                                           300                         250

Blue Band (Big)                                                                     900                         400

Bourvita (Refill 500g)                                                          850                         700

Milo (Refill 500g)                                                                700                         520

Dano Milk (Refill 500g)                                                    800                         520

Peak Milk (Refill 500g)                                                     800                         800

Holland Peak Milk (Liquid, one dozen)                    2,200                      1,700

Nigeria Peak Milk (Liquid, one dozen)                     1,700                      1,500

Golden Morn (500g)                                                           650                         450

Corn flakes (500g)                                                               500                         350

Spaghetti (1 pack)                                                                200                         150

Noodles (Indomie)                                                               2,200                      1,800

Noodle (Golden Penny)                                                    1,800                      1,400

Vegetable oil (one bottle)                                                 500                         200

Insecticide (Raid)                                                                  500                         350

Sardine                                                                                      250                         120

Shoe polish (Medium)                                                         250                         150

Handkerchief                                                                        70                           50

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