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Sex abuse allegation, Bill Cosby testifies

America’s all-time comedian, Bill Cosby, 78,  gave evidence yesterday (Friday, October 9) on an allegation of sex abuse he committed 40 years ago in the Playboy mansion against a 15 year-old.  This he did behind closed doors to lawyers.  His evidence will be publicized not earlier than December.

According to Judy Huth, Cosby gave her alcohol when they were playing billiards at a tennis club, after which he took her to the Playboy mansion and assaulted her in a bedroom suite.  But this allegation has been denied by the veteran’s lawyers who said Huth had earlier sold the story ten years ago.  Despite this, Cosby is facing the same allegation from more than 40 women.

Even though legal action cannot be taken because of the statute of limitations since this happened several years ago, lawyers say the accusers can still face the entertainer in court.

His representatives have maintained his innocence, although Cosby in 2005 confessed that he got Quaaludes (a sedative) to give to women for sex in another case that was settled out of court.



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