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Significance of the last phase of Ramadan

As the noble month of Ramadan is gradually getting to an end, with the last phase (last ten or nine days) begun on Friday, June 16, Muslim faithful have started the strive to approach the Night of Majesty(Lailat-ul-Qadri).

The Night of Majesty (Lailat-ul-Qadri) which is said to be the night of changing ‘destinies’ (Qadri) is
unknown to everyone, but is said to be in the odd numbered days of the last phase (21,23,25,27 and 29). Because of the uncertainty of the mighty night, Muslims have resolved to seeking Allah’s mercy
throughout the last phase of the glorious month. This practice is what is regarded as Itikaf.
Rich Muslims also use this medium to feed as many people as possible.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with a scholar who highlighted the significance, dos and don’ts of the last ten days of Ramadan.

Ustaz Aqib Fajana explained some important elements of Ramadan’s last days…

How do we identify the Night of Majesty (Lailat-ul-Qadri)?

Many things that scholars have said about the identification of Lailat-ul-Qadri, but they are not specific and that’s why it’s encouraging for Muslims generally on the last ten nights that we should be awake for Ibadah, so that if accidentally one of the nights is Lailat-ul-Qadri, we would be there. The various signs attributed to the night is that it’s going to rain; the following morning, the sun won’t be too bright. All these things are opinions, there is no specific sign that we can use to recognise it. What is most important is for all Muslims to be awake all through the nights, so anyone that coincide with the Lailat-ul-Qadri, we would definitely be there to receive the Angels and our Ibadah will be accepted.


What are the significance of Lailat-ul-Qadri?
It’s a night in which the angels will ascend from heaven seeking forgiveness for people. It’s a single night that is better than one thousand months of worship which is equivalent to 84 years. It is only by the mercy of Allah that one can live up to 84 years, so you can imagine observing an act of Ibadah for a single night and you will receive the reward as if you have done that for 84 years.

It’s really a night of blessings in which Allah has bestowed onto human so that all those things that we have neglected, we will be able to receive that night.  Allah said He has created Man and Jinn for them to worship Him, and you will find out that if you have lived two years, hardly would you have worshipped Allah for a complete year.

For Allah to have said you will worship for just one night and receive the reward as if you have done that for 84 years. It’s also the night in which the affairs of mankind will be determined. So, it’s only good for us to be there so that we can supplicate for the mercy of Allah. So, if destinies will be changed, ours will be for better because of our supplication. It’s the night of acceptance of prayers, people will make supplications and their prayers will be accepted.

It’s also a night of forgiveness of sins. The Prophet said, “Anyone who wakes up in the night of Lailat-ul-Qadri, and then looks up to Allah, all his previous sins will be forgiven.” That’s why we should take it seriously, we should not make it a night of merriment in which we are going to be singing. Rather, we should focus on Ibadah, solat, dua, witri, admonition. Those are the things we should do and not make merriment.
What are the dos and don’ts of Itikaf?

We should read Quran, supplicate to Allah, nawafil, zikri. Then, there is a specific prayer for that night. Aisha (R.A) asked the Prophet (SAW) that if I coincide with the night of Lailat-ul-Qadri, what should I be saying? The Prophet replied by saying, “Allahuma innaka afuwun tuhibu li afuwan fa’afu-ana” (Oh Allah,You are the one that forgives, and You love forgiving, forgive us our sins). The afuwan in that statement is different from ordinary forgiveness because your sins will be erased completely, they won’t be in your record book anymore.
You will be forgiven completely.


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