‘The effect of Ramadan on our business’ – ENTREPRENEURS (2)

Ramadan has changed the landscape of business in Nigeria, and entrepreneurs are experiencing mixed fortunes.

Some of them explained the effects of Ramadan on their endeavours…


BIOLA ADEBAJO, Evergreen – Candidly, personally, I can’t wait for the Ramadan season to be over. A lot of events are on hold, a lot of clients can’t stop singing excuses all tied to Ramadan. So, from an events planner’s perspective, I’m sorry, can we just fast forward?! But still, let me seize this opportunity to greet all our Muslim brothers and sisters, Ramadan Kareem!


PRECIOUS KALU, Precious Boutique – The Muslim fasting has not really affected business in any way. Business is still going on as usual, both my Muslim and Christian customers still buy things from me. The effect I can say, though it is indirect, is that prices of some items have gone up.


JULIUS AGWU, Reel Laif Ltd – It doesn’t really affect all segments of our business. Our muslim brothers and sisters are still celebrating, only that they won’t eat at events until they break their fast. Basically, we are prepared for this, since it comes once in a while.


BANKE ADEWUNMI – I believe what’s happening now is not peculiar to my business. That’s how the season has always been. And for those of us dealing in wears and other accessories of that nature, patronage is always low when Ramadan is on. But towards the end, people will surely come out to shop for what they will wear for sallah.


DIJE BADAKI – Positively, because I deal in ladies wears, shoes, belts and all sorts of jewellery. People have started buying ahead of Ramadan festival because they foresee there might be increase in prices of goods and other items they might need during the festive mood.


QUEEN AYO BALOGUN – In Nigeria, muslims are more than Christians. And in this period, muslims don’t fix any engagement until after Ramadan. Even as a Christian, if you fix any event during Ramadan, the attendance is usually low because your muslim friends are not likely to attend. So, our business is usually on a low side during the season. It’s not strange to us. Everything will pick up when the fasting ends by the grace of God.


PRINCE DEMOLA ADUNOLA – During Ramadan season, we usually experience low sale due to low patronage. It has always been like that. So, we’re used to it. But as soon as the fasting ends, things will begin to improve.


LINDA IKE, Linda’s Pot – Yes, the Ramadan has really affected business, especially in this side of the world, where over half of the population are muslims. What we do now is to reduce our operations in the morning and while we concentrate on evening services.

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