The Miss Nigeria story: ‘I am very prepared’ -Pamela Vigboro-Lessi, Miss Nigeria 2015

Pamela Vigboro-Leesi, the newly crowned 39th Miss Nigeria has started her reign. Pamela who‘s currently undergoing the youth service programme in Ogun state is fully prepared for the task ahead as beauty queen. She explained how she feels wearing the historical and indigenous crown, plans for the future, amongst others…


How were you able to cope with the rigours in camp?

1-Pamela-Peter-Vigboro-Leesi-Miss-Nigeria-2015-BellaNaija-1It was tough because of the energy.

we came with to the camp because we want to win. As early as 5:30 am, I am up but the first day, I woke up at 4 o clock. After a while, people were getting tired but I just had to continue trying. There was a time I came really late. I didn’t hear my alarm go off. It was getting too much for me but I came for a competition so I just decided to stick around.

Was there any contestant that was a threat to you in the boot camp?

That happened to a lot of people because there were so many smart and beautiful girls in the camp.  A lot of them actually, my runner up, she is quite smart and all of that and a few other girls. Yes, when I saw them, I was like this is a proper competition. There were so many suitable girls for the crown.

Did you see yourself winning?

Believe me sincerely, I did not see it coming but I was really hoping to win.

When your name was mentioned among the top 5 what was actually ringing in your mind?

At that point, I said finally, I think I have a shot at this , because I came all the way from top 10 to top 5 so at that top 5 stage, it was clear that I had a chance of being Miss Nigeria.

What would you say about the judges and their role in the pageant?

I think they did a good job, they used what they saw to get the top 10 and all of that.

What did you think gave you that saving grace of becoming the queen?

I don’t know really, I feel that it was God because, I felt positive about it. Like I said, from the beginning of the pageant, it was something I decided to try. I wasn’t thinking of failing, I didn’t put that in my mind, all I did was just constantly thinking of the crown every day, I would talk to myself and say Miss Nigeria and would act like I have it already. Even in my drama, I would say I’m the Miss Nigeria and I am really happy to act out my reality and I’m surprised it worked for me.

What was the reaction of your parent?

They are very excited. My mom is so excited that she would not stop screaming, yes!

How well are you prepared for the challenges and duties ahead?

I am very prepared, I knew that before now. I will not act fake, the public would see the real me.

Do you have any pet project you intend projecting as a queen?

Yes, I do, but it is not structured yet. My pet project tends toward capacity building for young women.

How do you intend to achieve that?

That is why I said the project is not structured yet but the content of it would be capacity building for young women. I would properly do collaboration with smart young ladies in Nigeria through a proper programme.

What is that one thing people don’t know about you?

People that are close to me know that I am a very quiet and respectful person. Sometimes I just withdraw inside and do a lot of deep thinking. That is something people don’t know about me but people that are very close to me know. I think deeply a lot.

What was growing up like for you?

Growing up was pretty normal. I had normal childhood with my siblings and all of that, I have always been an introvert as a child, I don’t have a lot of friends. Most of the time I’m with my book or my diary or I was really quiet.

How do you intend to be in contact with your fellow finalists?

I made a few connections because there were so many strong and amazing ladies in the house I’m going to keep in touch with as much as I can. I would even like to work with some of them on my development project.

What would you like to say about the past queen that crowned you?

She’s an amazing person, I really admire her. I like the fact that she is able to stay grounded as a queen. You can see in her originality. I really like that about her.

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