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‘They want to kill me over the money I am yet to smell’ – Baba Suwe

THE last is yet to be heard of the legal battle between popular comic actor, Alhaji Nurudeen Babatunde Omidina, otherwise known as Baba Suwe and the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), over the non-compliance of the latter on the payment of N25 million award of damages to the former as ordered by court.  ENCOMIUM Weekly cornered the ace comedian at an event in Ikeja, Lagos recently where we took him up on the issue and much more.


How would you describe your career at the moment?

I thank God, everything is taking proper shape.

The latest about your case with NDLEA is that the body insisted she can’t pay the N25 million award of damages ordered by Ikeja High Court, what’s your reaction to this?

I don’t have anything in mind against NDLEA, all I pray to God for is His blessings on my career.  If that is done, I am pleased.  But if what the NDLEA is doing is not right, I believe God will judge it.  The court told the NDLEA to pay the money into a fixed deposit account.

Baba-Suwe1But has the NDLEA made any attempt to comply?

They were given an ultimatum, they were ordered to pay the money within 21 days.  That means they still have some days of grace.

What’s your comment on the court’s u-turn on the apology it earlier ordered the NDLEA to publish in three national dailies?

There is nothing I can do or say on anything like that apart from whatever my lawyer thinks is right.  Everything is in the hands of my counsel, Bamidele Aturu.

If you’re eventually paid the whooping N25m, what do you intend to do with it?

Why not wait till then?

But the tale in town is that you want to buy a Hummer jeep, some are even saying you have collected the money and taken delivery of the Hummer?

I am fed up o, e gba mi.  People have not allowed me to have rest of mind since they heard of money.  They want to kill me because of the money I have not seen.  For now, I think it’s gone beyond joke.  I beg them, they should just leave me alone, they should not expose me to danger, they shouldn’t allow armed robbers to burgle my house. I am just begging them, they should just leave me alone. I have not collected any money.  I still remain my humble and quiet self, I don’t want any problem.

You should know that not everybody on the street that heard of it would believe that up till this moment, you have not been paid…

If they can’t read the newspapers or magazines, they should have heard from the radio or watched the television.  I have not collected any money.  If I had collected N25m, the whole world would have known.  There is no way you will collect that kind of money without the public knowing about it, it’s no longer a hidden thing.

Don’t you have it in mind to invest the money if you later collect it?

I have told you, let’s wait first.  For now, I have no plan on it.

What of the film you have been planning to shoot since you were released?

My fans should just keep their fingers crossed.  We are still planning, we will soon gather all the necessary things for it.

Maybe before the second quarter of 2012 runs out?

Something like that but let’s hand over everything to God.

What title do you intend giving the movie out of the much your fans had suggested which include O ya gbe ti, Igbe ayeraye, Igbe oro, and so on.

Don’t worry about that for now.

Who are the stars that will be paraded in the much anticipated movie?

It will surely parade a lot of stars.  No doubt about that.

Would you make use of NDLEA office and equipment for the shoot?

I can’t say anything on that for now.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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