Veteran actress IYA RAINBOW unveils what she wants to leave for posterity

Veteran actress and role model, Idowu Philip, popularly known as Iya Rainbow has blamed the lingering crisis in the Yoruba arm of Nigerian movie industry on the devil. The gracefully ageing thespian expressed concern about how things are going in the sector, calling on all stakeholders to be fervent in their prayers to ensure peace and unity that the industry was hitherto known for.
The Odogbolu, Ogun born entertainer also lent her voice to national issues, including Boko Haram insurgence and much more…

As a mother and role model to many thespians, what’s your view of the industry, especially now that things have fallen apart in the Yoruba movie genre which you belong?
We just have to call on God to intervene in the matter. Apart from divine intervention, I don’t think there is anything anybody can do about the situation.
There are three associations right now in the Yoruba sector, which of them do you belong?
I belong to all of them. I am a mother, I must not align with one and abandon the others. All we need, at the moment is prayer. And we will continue to call on God to assist us. We won’t relent at all until normalcy returns. We’re one big family and that’s why we mustn’t give room for division in the industry.

with Aderele Adele

with Aderele Adele

What do you think is responsible for the unending crisis?
It’s the devil’s work. He is wicked, there’s nothing the devil can’t destroy if you allow him. That’s why we need to continue to pray to ensure we conquer him. It’s just unfortunate that such a thing is happening in the industry we all cherish so much. But I believe it will soon become history because with God, all things are possible.
What are you working on at the moment, career wise?
I am working on a movie, Aye Rabiatu, which will chronicle my life history from A to Z. Very soon, we will enter location.
What informed it?
As you’re getting older, you need to make preparations for something you will like people to remember you for. Even if you’re still alive, let people have something to point at about you. So, that’s the main reason I decided to shoot Aye Rabiatu, a movie that will tell people, especially my fans, everything about my life, whether I am still alive or I have gone.
You celebrated 70 about two years ago, yet your looks has not changed. What is the secret of your good looks?
No other secret than God. I really thank Him for that.
What has changed in you since you turned 70?
Nothing really but I only noticed that I don’t have the opportunity to apply all my strength in doing things again. If at all I want to, people won’t allow me. They will remind me that I am no longer young, I am above 70, that I should be taking things easy.
What legacy do you intend leaving when the inevitable comes?
I want to build a church that will be named after my father, Ifemade. So, it’s going to be called Ifemade Cathedral. May God help me build it. Whether or not I am alive, people will still be referring to me as the person who built the church. It’s going to be a very good thing I am praying to achieve. And I believe with God on my side, it will come to reality.
As a mother and grandmother, what advice do you have for President Goodluck Jonathan concerning the issue of Boko Haram which has almost become permanent in Nigeria, and yet no solution in sight?
At times we’re confused but the only solution is prayer. We will continue to tell God that the unity of our country is non-negotiable. There won’t be war by the special grace of God because if war starts, no one can say when it will end.
I keep preaching against it, and it will continue. It’s when there is peace that we can talk of any other thing. I always enjoin everybody to pray each time I advertise Yotomi Estate on television because there is nothing that is above prayer. We don’t want war in Nigeria.
Ma, what’s your comment on the 234 school girls kidnapped by Boko Haram guys?
It’s a very sad occurrence but I keep praying that they should be brought back alive. For now, nobody knows their whereabouts except God. That’s why we all need to cry on to Him for the safety of the innocent girls.
It’s more than five years that Alade Aromire departed this world, what’s happening to Yotomi Estate Scheme he left behind, which you’re the face?
Everything is going on well with the scheme. We don’t have any problem at all by the special grace of God.
What change has been the face of Yotomi Housing Estate brought to your life?
A lot. It has really changed my life for the better. I will forever remember Alade Aromire for what he did in my life.


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