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When you should start a family (2)

It is a common belief that a woman should start a family once she is ripe for marriage. And marriageable age has been pegged at 23 years.
Those encomium.ng spoke with  listed 20 and above for ladies, and from 27 for men…

Arinola Oke

I think for women, 27years is okay. Before 40, she is done with childbearing and the children would have grown a bit. The man should marry at 30. They would both enjoy each other early enough.


Idayat Adekunle

A lady should get married on time, she should not exceed 28 years before now getting married. Once she is married, she should start her family immediately, nothing should stop her.

A man should be about 32 years.


Glory Ajunwa

A woman should start having children as soon as she is 25 years. She is at her best productive years at that age. She would have the strength to raise her children early as well. The man should not be more than 30. He should have achieved the most important things that would sustain his family.


Angela Okoro

A lady should start having children, the earlier the reduction in the pain she would go through. She would also have enough time to space her children.

A man can get married at anytime. Once he has the resources to cater for his wife, why not.


Amidat Tanimola

As early as 20, Islamically she can give birth before that time. A woman produces best when she is between 18 – 24years.

Moreso, she would have finished child bearing by the time she is 30 years.

A man can start by 25 years. He should be on his own and have a means of taking care of himself and his wife.


Lilian Ewocho

A woman should start having children by 25 – she is strong agile and in her most productive years.

A man should start having children between 29 and 30 years. By then, he should be buoyant enough to cater for his family.


Temilade Solomon

It all depends but a woman should settle down in her twenties. She is ripe and psychologically ready to raise a child.

A man can get married at any age, once he has the capacity to cater for the woman and her baby.


Grace Bala

I don’t believe the earlier you get married the better. I know of people who got married early and had Children in their 40’s.

It is God that shows mercies.

Just to get married early, latest 30. A woman should start having children while a man can wait till he is 32 years.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for encomium.ng 

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