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Why we don’t use condoms – Young men

A new study found that many men in Nigeria do not use condom during sex! Rather than wear a condom to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), unwanted pregnancies and HIV/AIDS, they would rather take a chance and deal with the consequences.

The study was carried out by the Society for Family Health (SFH), producers of Gold Circle Condom.  Their Managing Director, Mr. Bright Ekweremadu revealed that eight out of ten Nigerian men do not use condom. According to the report, 80 per cent of the 1.8 billion sexual activities in Nigeria yearly take place without a condom. He further stated that if every sexual act in Nigeria is protected with condoms, no supplier in the world will be able to provide the quantity of condoms Nigerians would need.

He said their research showed that young Nigerians between 18 and 34 in the cities of Lagos and Abuja make the highest use of condoms, and also that there are so many cases of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies reported yearly because of people’s refusal to use condoms. He claimed the research showed that women don’t insist on condoms.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to young men on their views about unprotected sex. A large percentage of them believe that sex without condom is more enjoyable…


‘Sex is more enjoyable when you have it raw’ – RASAQ FASHANU

Why do you think men don’t use condom?

Sex is more enjoyable when you have it raw. There are lots of emotional attachments when I’m not using a condom. Why do I have to get a condom when my partner understands it’s more enjoyable without it? We are just being careful enough so it won’t lead to what we don’t want.


‘I keep just one sex partner and she will be my wife soon’ – LEKE ODULATE

I think most men are guilty of that, including me. The real nature of sex is enjoyable without condom. I use to keep condoms at home at a time but to use it becomes the major problem because I don’t even know how to wear it. I keep just one sex partner and she will be my wife soon. So, we don’t have to keep buying condoms.


‘Condom is always with me’ – JAMES MARTINS

I use condom when I’m having sex with a stranger. It skips my mind at times but often takes it along inside my bag in case of any emergency sexual satisfaction.


‘I no longer use it’ – OLAWALE KASALI

I like to use condom but it breaks most of the time when I use it. A friend told me improper use of the condom causes breakage but it’s not my fault. There was a time that I use to double the condom before use but it prevented me from satisfying myself fully. I no longer use it I must tell you.


‘ I use it regularly and I dispose it properly too’ – SAMSON OLABINJO

Not all men bothered, my brother. I don’t need an herbalist to tell me HIV\AIDS is real so, I have a room load of condom. I use it regularly and I dispose it properly too.


‘I don’t have sex without wearing a condom’ – RASAQ SANNI

At a point when I got to the university I remember my dad told me one funny thing, he said I shouldn’t have unprotected sex with whoever I don’t know her status. I thought it was funny when he said it but later I got to realize it means a lot. So, I don’t have sex without wearing a condom. My partner won’t even let me.


‘With condom or not, I’m practicing sexual restraint’ – SUNDAY FAPONDA

Either with condom or not, I have stopped having sex until I’m married. A friend of mine contacted syphilis through unprotected sex from a lady and it was very serious a thing to experience. So, I no longer have sex either with or without condom. What I’m practicing now is sexual restraint.


‘Condom was made for prostitutes’ – AKINTOLA SEGUN

Condom is used by people who think the lady they are going down with might have some kind of disease or something. Taking a look at the history of condoms, it was originally produced for prostitutes. These days, men are using what was meant for cheap prostitutes on their girl.

I have never used a condom before and I won’t until I’m married. Mind you, it won’t stop my parols with women.


‘I stopped buying condom because of recession’ – OLUMIDE AJASA

I used to make use of condom before but it is expensive now and the fake are everywhere. I have stopped buying condom. My woman understands there’s recession, so we are both enjoying it without the use of condom.


‘Condom doesn’t make me enjoy a good time with my partner’ – FERANMI OLUMIDE

Condom doesn’t make me enjoy a good time with my partner. Although she’s always keen on using protection but I hate it and I don’t wear it. I’m not bothered because I don’t have a multiple sex partner.


‘I wear condom when I have it around during sex’ – AZEEZ LAOYE

I wear condom when I have it around during sex. Sometimes, I don’t plan for sex and my fiancé will want it real bad. So, we both understand that we use condom when there’s any around. I have other sex partners though I’m trying my best to stay stick to one.


‘With condom, I’m covered’ – FEMI ABIDEMI

I know how important it is to stay away from an unprotected sex so I normally wear my condom. I buy it at will even when I don’t need it. I have enough condom hanged at every corner of my room so, I’m covered.


‘Sex without condom is a smooth ride my brother’ – ROTIMI

Sex without condom is a smooth ride my brother, I keep just two sex partners and I know how I satisfy them sexually without protection. Sometimes the female protection is what they normally use because I don’t really like to wear condom.


‘People are seriously buying and using condom’ – MALLAM NASIR (Small scale retailer)

Tell us about the sales of condom in your store. Would you say people are really buying condoms?

Yes, people buy condoms a lot here maybe because a brother is closer to me here. During the valentine period alone, I bought over 5 packs of condoms. It’s all finished already. I will say people are seriously buying and using condom before sex.


‘The sale of condoms is on the high side here’ – NNENNA OKGBORO (Funfix Store)

Tell us about the sales of condom in your store, would you say people are really buying condoms?

The sale of condoms is on the high side here. We sell different condom brands and people have a choice on which to buy. We have Durex, Trojan, Gold Circle, Roughriders and others. They all sell fine here.




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