Why young women find it difficult to stay in marriage (2)

A lot of women are opting out of the marriage institution because of so many reasons. Some are quite genuine, while some are uncalled for.

ENCOMIUM Weekly presents reasons young women cannot stay in marriage..


I think young women of nowadays find it difficult to stay in marriage because of the following reasons – lack of patience, intolerance, greed and promiscuity. They believe in freedom to do and undo, aside that, most men these days rely on women to take up their responsibility at home like hustling to pay rent, school fees and also feeding the entire family.


It is due to individual differences. May be they are not seeing what they hoped to see in their marriage and they think they can’t bear or live with it.


It may be lack of satisfaction, either financially or sexually. For some, it is lack of mutual understanding. A lot of young ladies want to live beyond their means. That is why they cannot be satisfied with what their husbands can afford to give them. Some young women are sex addicts. They don’t want to cheat, yet they are not getting satisfaction from their husbands.


The most common denominator when I look at reasons marriages crash is how well couples do or don’t handle conflicts. It is not how well they get along or have fun together that makes or breaks them, but how well they handle conflict is 90 percent indicator of togetherness.

Extra marital affairs! These days women are trying to outdo the guys. Unrealistic expectations, married for the wrong reasons – money, peer pressure, incompatibility in partners, where they don’t have anything in common.

Women tend to take their husbands for granted. Simple ‘thank you’, especially to an underappreciated or insecure partner.

Lack of intimacy. When a woman refuses to connect physically, emotionally, mentally as a whole.


Lack of trust and endurance from both sides. Short courtship. Women should be gainfully employed, no woman should be idle. When she contributes to the family’s upkeep in her little way, she will gain respect.


Most of them go into marriage with this ‘…and they lived happily ever after’ attitude. So, when the truth dawns on them, they quit.

Some also think it’s a social gathering, “I mean the wedding party thing”. And also an avenue to show off.

Some parents use the avenue to show class, the who and who is in attendance. By the time reality starts unfolding its true colour, the marriage may pack up. Then sometimes greed is a factor.

They want to marry rich man’s son. Not that they love the person in question but they also want to belong.

All these seasonal films, series, super stories and make believe Africa Magic contribute to it. Some don’t know reality is not what they watch in those series.



Wrong choice of life partner, lack of contentment. A lot of women are not contented with what their husbands have, they tend to compare themselves with their friends or neighbours.


We cannot really blame some women, some men pretend before marriage and change thereafter. Some young men are also promiscuous, they will leave their wives at home to take care of the children and go out to flirt.


A lot of ladies don’t know what marriage entails before going into it, when they meet the unexpected, they will prefer to quit. A lot of ladies are not matured, yet they go into the marriage institution.


Life is full of challenges, every single lady should have that in mind when going into marriage. There is no how they would not have a challenge. It is because some cannot withstand it, that is why they leave their marriage.

Ladies should have a lot of patience, if not, they cannot stay in a successful marriage. I will advice every lady to marry a guy that loves you more than you love the guy.


I wouldn’t blame women alone, a lot of reasons are responsible. Some women are unfortunate to have impossible in laws. Some men don’t help matters also. I know a women that was kicked out because the husband felt she was responsible for his misfortune. The in-laws did not help matters too, they supported the man because his wife does not have a child for him.

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