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Women reveal what attracts them to men!

We all have what attracts men to us, it could be their physical feature, attitude or even their names, this week, ENCOMIUM Weekly on Friday, May 6, 2016, sampled opinion of women of what attracts them to men…



At first, his handsomeness, his carriage, then as I get to know him, I will look at how ambitious he is. How kind he is, does he respect me? Or anyone else, is he family oriented? How does he act when I talk to him about my problems? Does he make out time for me? Is he focused, disciplined?

I like a man that can dress, a man that challenges me to be better, a man that doesn’t try to change who you are, a man that loves me, in my perfection and imperfection, a man that appreciates me while leaving room for growth, a man that calls me beautiful, a man who is a friend, a man who I can talk to about anything and everything and he won’t judge me. Someone who I can trust and he trust’s me in return.



I love fine dark guys with pink lips, average height, not too tall and not to short.



It is charisma, a man that respects and loves me, a man that wants to be with me whether I can cook, clean or not. A man that is decent and God-fearing.



He must be rich, average height. He must not be bald, he must be handsome, truthful, respectful, romantic.



I like a guy that loves God, a goal oriented guy, a focused person that knows what he wants from life. I like a guy with a good sense of humour, caring, living, a guy that is optimistic about life. A guy who is truthful and above all, a guy who is neat.



First neatness, then a man’s service to God can drive me crazy. A man who when I look at him, I look forward to having his kids, that is, ideal dad.



First, his charisma, the way he carries himself. Then if he is God fearing, neat, well dressed and nicely shaved.



His confidence, his sense of humour, if he is very social. His success, his looks and health is not left out.



His looks, if he has good looks, if he is neat. If he is comfortable financially. If he is God fearing, he must be truthful and straight forward with his words and also romantic.



First, his sense of humour are pretty huge to me. If he is someone that can make me laugh that really is a great start. I am also drawn to men that have personality that commands attention. A guy that when you are in the room, it is difficult to ignore, a guy that is warm and welcoming and the guy must be incredibly sexy.



I am attracted to guys that are creative and artistic. A guy who can offer me my appropriate dosage of culture. He must be good looking and neat. Then, he must be God fearing.



I like a guy who is neat, has respect for women, a man who has plans for my future, a man who will not change who I am or rather love me for who I am. A man who is God fearing brilliant.



First, his look, his carriage, the way he talks to me. How romantic he can be. A man who is a friend. A man who does not judge my ways and attitude. A man who appreciates me and he is family oriented.



I like a reserved man, that has principles and does not take nonsense. A man who can cut my wings, I like a man who is very neat and straight forward.

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