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Your wedding is not a fancy party…

It is one of the most important and memorable moments of your life. A day you should always look back on with utmost pleasure and excitement. Not a day for faux pas, with a tinge of regret about how different everything would have been if you had worn a more classic ensemble.
Don’t be carried away by drama and colour and the inkling to be different and stand apart.
Choose the safest colours – black, navy blue or dark gray for your suit. And adorn a white shirt. Yes, a crisp white shirt without fuss.
The first ensemble of choice should be a morning dress – the long, morning coat, gray waist coat, striped trousers in black and gray, white shirt, a plastron or tie, and gleaming black shoes.
The second best choice is a tuxedo – preferably in lack. Three piece suit ensemble, with white shirt and black bow tie. Shining black shoes will complement your look.
If you must adorn a regular suit, choose black, navy blue or dark gray. White shirt and marching tie and patent leather shoes will work well.
Leave all the colourful garbs for fancy parties…


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