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6 reasons you should not worry about PSquare’s split

Peter Okoye’s September 21 letter seeking the termination of PSquare’s contract and announcing his split from the popular music group should not give you sleepless nights.
The twins have reigned and ruled as one of the most successful musicians on Nigeria’s landscape for over a decade, and their end as a duo should be ignored.

Here are reasons you should not panic this time as compiled by encomium.ng:

1. They have enjoyed remarkable success, and have enough money to survive lean times for years.
They have a big and beautiful house in Park view Estate, another in Omole (both in Lagos), one in the United States of America, apart from choice automobiles.
They must have money stashed away as they live well and enjoy the best life has to offer.
It’s not as if they will suffer as they split.
2. They are blood and family.
No matter what has happened, they are blood and family. Peter and Paul are identical twins, and Jude is their older brother.
They have siblings who will call them to order.
Even if they split, they are still brothers.
3. They have quarreled and settled.
This is the umpteenth time they are disturbing us with their drama, why should we fret?
They have quarreled and settled, even dragging dollar billionaires to wade in.
4. They have enjoyed sympathy and became more popular after each spat.
For each spat, they enjoyed our sympathy and became more popular. Are we sure they are not taking advantage of our emotions?
Shouldn’t we just leave them to their devices?
Our business with them is good music. And once they can give us, why should we care?

5. They can pursue solo careers.
Both are talented enough to pursue solo careers. If they can manage good songs, that’s the future. If they can’t, there are a thousand possibilities.

6. They are married and don’t need each other that much.
The three Okoye brothers are married, enjoying sizzling relationships with their wives as they give their children the best of everything.
So, they don’t need each other as much.



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