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7 details about Rear Admiral Daniel Ikoli’s suicide

Rear Admiral Daniel Ikoli allegedly took his own life around 5 am on Wednesday, April 5, 2017, at his Apapa (Lagos) home.

Three expended bullets and his service pistol were found in his bedroom after his houseboy discovered his corpse following sound of gunshots.

Doubts about the suicide tale around the Fleet Commander, Western Naval Command, Apapa, are strong as he repeatedly complained that his life was in danger.


Here are the details we have now:

  1. Rear Admiral Teikumo Daniel Ikoli, a senior officer (equivalent of a Major General) lived with his houseboy in Tamadu Barracks, North Avenue, Apapa.

His wife is in Abuja, and his children are abroad in school.


  1. He reportedly left the office early on Tuesday (April 4), complaining that he was sick.


  1. Some said he was depressed because of an undisclosed ailment which made him lose weight.

That he was also constantly struggling to take care of his children abroad as forex scarcity and rising value escalated.


  1. When his corpse was found, he was bleeding from the chest.


  1. No suicide note was found.


  1. Police and Naval authorities have not concluded that the officer who was a member of the presidential committee that probed arms deal committed suicide.


  1. The body has been deposited in the mortuary as investigations continue.



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