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Nigerians disturbed by Rear Admiral Daniel Ikoli’s death

Legions of Nigerians are worried about the death of Rear Admiral Teikumo Daniel Ikoli whose corpse was found in his bedroom on Wednesday, April 5, 2017.

Suspected to be suicide from gunshot to the chest, a platoon of compatriots want the death of the Fleet Commander of Western Naval Command in Apapa properly investigated.
Here are some views…

Agboola Babatunde:

Suicide or assassination. Snr Naval Offr and a member of the presidential investigation committee on arms procurement. Can someone shot himself three times? With my understanding of fire arms and methodology of killing with arms in this case suicide, it is not possible for the offr to have shot himself three time. There is the need for further investigation.


Kofoworola Ogunnaike:

Father lord! I hope those that are of the view that poverty causes suicide will have a re-think. Abi this man is poor ni?


David Adesemoye:

Hmmm, before we know it, assassinations will be staged as depression induced suicides. Deep sigh!


Chuks Iloegbunam:

Please don’t come up with another suicide crap. Well meaning and concerned Nigerians want to know who was responsible for this brutal assassination. As a little boy I remembered the assassination of Dele Giwa. Till today nothing came out of it. Not to mention Bola Ige. President Buhari this is another test of your transparency in running our country.


Bobinto Bobinto Prince:

Death is on every human beings but any death that is not a natural death is painful. In Nigeria here, if any person is being nominated to head any probing committee have to fortified himself or herself very well from any spiritual and physical attacks that must have comes from either the person under probing or their families in order to abolished the trials of their illegal bread winners. may his soul rest in peace.


Gucci Gomez:

A Naval Officer Commanding Western Nigerian Fleet to die like this, spells doom for the country! Rip ! Clear case of assassination!


Engr Ahmed Abdulkarim:

Religion whether Christianity or Islam is a good source of moral behaviour which preached not to kill others and be contented with life, just as you keep on working hard to earn daily!

Success comes on the way on one opening or the other.

One can hardly believe this news!


Clifford Amadi:

Too quick for the authorities to come out with such a result. The investigations should go deeper because assassination may not be ruled out. He enjoyed highbrow appointments; why suicide?


Tope Sanya:

Its murder coz three bullets where found inside him and he can’t possibly have shot himself on the chest thrice, he is heading a govt. probe on how some money where spent in the military.


Ibrahim Tajudeen:

What is going on these days in Lagos State? Jumping into the lagoon today, attempting to jump again tomorrow and lately committing suicide by self shooting! Something must have been the cause of this!


Fatimah Omobola Bello:

Does not add up, how can someone shoot himself in the chest three times, mbanu ko possible.

He was assassinated clear & simple, whoever reported this did not do any investigation @ all.


Prince Rodney:

What is happening? Even the nobles are caught in this Frustration and Hopelessness. Imagine, a brilliant medical doctor and now a Fleet Commander. God almighty, take control.


Okiemute Ogidiga:

Three bullets or showcase? He can’t shoot himself in the chest thrice, that’s HOMICIDE!


Alor Ikechukwu:

Was that a good reason to take his own life? He has placed a curse upon his family lineage and generation. Iys demonic and I wonder his level of Faith in Christianity. He was too far from reality. Now, does it mean his children cannot completr their education? A capital NO. Big ‘man’ also cries…fulfillment of the Scripture.


Samuel Onybeuchi Uchenna:

They finally killed him because he exposed all these corrupt military officers indicated in arms Deal. He was a good man but may his soul rest in peace Amen


Kabir Kadir:

Three expended bullets,it’s just not possible to shoot yrself three times


Princess Osarieme Segun Edo:

Is d climax of brutality on d general ,though this happen to d low n helpless masses daily ,it shows d incapability of our security system in a collapsed Nigeria state like ours, may his soul find peace wit God Amen


Kenny Lopez Martinez:

Suicide victim will not shoot himself 3 times. He was assassinated.


Ayuba Iliya Umar:

May he rest on. The questions here are : was there any gun in the locked room? Was there key on the locked door inside or somewhere in the room? Was there only one gunshot wound? Was the gunshot wound on the head or on the right side of the chest(position of the heart)? If these answers were yes, chances are that he must have killed himself. Otherwise, if there are more than one gunshots heard or more than one gunshot, police should better look elsewhere for the murderer. He could only shoot himself only but once on the head or heart. May God continue to guide our ways on life to live by and for him IJN.



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