Is this the adorable family of Rear Admiral Daniel Ikoli?

Pictures of a woman, a boy and girl, and Rear Admiral Teikumo Daniel Ikoli – whose corpse was found in his bedroom in the early hours of Wednesday, April 5, 2017 – has surfaced!

But it is unclear whether the woman in the picture is his wife who is said to be based in Abuja. Or the boy and girl his children who are studying abroad.
Also, the location of the pictures could not be ascertained.
Rear Admiral Teikumo Daniel Ikoli was the Fleet Commander, Western Naval Command in Apapa, before his untimely death from a gunshot wound to the chest.
In his bedroom where his corpse was discovered by his houseboy, there was a pistol, three expended bullets and some more ammunition.
On Tuesday, April 4, he was said to have complained of feeling a bit under the weather and left his office early, retired home to his duplex inside the barracks in Apapa.
Some claimed that he was depressed over financial and health challenges, but others maintained that he could have been murdered as he repeatedly complained of being a target of assassins…



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