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Why we eat at canteens

Canteen business seems to have come to stay as it provides foods of various types and prices to those who don’t cook. People tend to have an alternative and have derived pleasure in eating in ‘bukas’ despite the recession. One would have thought the ‘bukataria’ business would dwindle and this actually prompted the interview with canteen freaks on why they visit bukatarias. Below are their responses…


Mr Sanni Tayo

I eat at the bukataria almost every day, but that is only in the morning and afternoon. If I get home, my wife would have cooked for me. The reason I eat at the bukataria is because I am at work and I don’t have choice than to eat there.


Mrs Oyebode Bolanle

I eat at the bukataria but not every day. Sometimes I cook food myself at home but some time I will choose to eat outside, especially ‘swallow’ food.


Olalandu Razaq

I eat bukataria food everyday even in the night, except if I go to my parents’ or friends place. But most of the time, I eat out because I don’t know how to cook, especially if I am the only one at home . So I don’t cook.


Isiaka Opeyemi

I don’t have any option than to eat bukateria food, except in the night or weekends that I cook in my house  for my family.


Joseph Moses

I don’t eat out except my wife’s food. And if I go to work, I take only snacks or my wife will prepare food for me to take to the office.


Adagunduro Junior

For me, I don’t see any bad idea in buying or eating at the bukateria. But I select were I eat. Even sometimes my wife and l will eat out and she will not cook because we feel like eating outside.


Oduntan Tomisin

I eat at the bukateria but not every day, it’s once in a while. And the reason I eat out is when I am not in the house and am very hungry. But if am not that hungry, I prefer to eat snacks because I don’t really like eating out that much.


Bankole Oluwasegun

I select my choice of bukateria to eat because I don’t cook. It’s faster for me to eat at the canteen than to be cooking, except my girlfriend is with me, she will do the cooking



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