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Alarm as minister confesses that Chibok Girls are learning English

Reactions have started trailing the rescued Chibok girls’ inability to express themselves in good English. Since Tuesday, May 30, 2017, Nigerians have been alarmed. When the news which was reportedly voiced by the minister of women affairs, Senator Aishat Alhassan, whose ministry the girls were handed to broke, Nigerians have started pouring in their views as to how students writing their senior WAEC won’t be able to speak good English. 

The media has been filled with several comments over the matter which has left several tongues wagging. spoke with few Nigerians who expressed their thought on the current situation:


Agbeleye Olayinka

One can’t compare education in Yoruba (South West) area with Hausa (North).They were forced to read, education is not sound in that area. So, it is possible for their WAEC candidates not to understand English.


Balogun Afeez

It is possible? That shows they’ve lost their memories in the illegal act or incident that happened to them.


Ebunoluwa Taiwo

It is possible. Even if they can speak English they might not be able to write it down because some schools are probably interested in money. The school might be good physically, whereas they don’t give sound education to the students. But for the north, they may be using their language to teach or communicate to them. So this can be the reason why they cannot speak in English.


Mr. Kolawole Kunbi

Wonders shall never end. They were writing WAEC when they got abducted. My questions are: 1. Were they using Arabic to teach them in school? Was the WAEC papers written in Arabic? Do they have their own way of learning? Because, I don’t just understand. Maybe, its a lie or true, we don’t know. But God knows it all.


Olaifa Teni

I think it’s a shame to the state government, and to the state ministry of education. It shows how important education is in their state because if their educational system is good, how will a student of SS3 not be able express themselves in English? It’s totally shameful to the state government. That means they don’t have sound education in their state.


Kareem Rukayat

I would not doubt it if they can’t read or write even in SS3. This is because there are no standard schools in the North, not to talk of public school. What they just do over there is ‘let my people go’, it’s just to give them certificates and nothing more. If they can’t speak or express themselves in English, it’s a normal thing for the northerners.


Akintunde Teslim

How sure are we that these people are not playing the normal political games with us? How on earth do you want me to believe that an SS3 student, one writing WAEC for that matter, cannot speak at least simple English? I mean, this is out of it. I am beginning to suspect that no girls were kidnapped after all. Maybe, it’s just the usual politics tricks they are playing on us.


Adedamola Adeola

Nothing is new under the sun, Nigerians are at it again. Maybe the girls had never been to school before they eventually showed up for WAEC. I don’t even know what to say about the issue, government should just play safe.


– Shukurat Alimi and Azeezat Kareem




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