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Couples vote for missionary sex position, shy to experiment

Couples are too shy to experiment with different sex positions as majority picks the missionary style. 

Most of our respondents, because of age, religion or exposure, still prefer the old sex position.

Here are the responses of those who revealed their bedroom secrets to…


Pastor Ola

I am a pastor, what else do you expect? The missionary style. I don’t think it is Godly to be seeking for different styles in that accept. I have better things I do with my mind and time.


Rotimi Ahmed

Missionary method. There is more to life than sex, I think of better things and I seek better things than that.


Ejike Paul

As a young and vibrant man, I experiment a lot and my wife loves me for that. I have tried different positions, I don’t even know the names of some. Some of my friends taught me and l tried them out. My favourite is cowgirl’s helper.


Adetoro Tolu

I don’t really know the name but the popular father and mother style is what we do. Sex is not food that I would be looking for varieties.



Chicken style, then touch your toe once. I stopped that style because my wife frowns at it.


Kola King

Some call it x-factor, while some call it scissors. That is the only one I practice or let me say l have practiced.


Pascal Daniel

I don’t even know any other style than the missionary style. My sex life is not for fun, just to give in for emotional needs when it comes.


Kehinde Abe

69 is my best position. My wife finds it hard to have an orgasm, that made me go on adventure and I discovered 69 which has helped her a lot. Let me tell you the truth, I am tired of that style, l live a simple life, just that I want to please my woman. I don’t really have time for any style.


George Jones

Maybe pinball wizard, it was not long I got to know the name. We get our satisfaction with that position.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for 




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