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AMVCA’s N51 million spectacular show rocks (5): Winners speak -‘We’ve been rewarded for hard work’ – Kunle Afolayan

(Best Director Movie and Best Movie Overall, October 1)

Your movie, October 1, got the highest nominations and you also won the biggest award.  How does it feel?

It is like winning a million dollars because it is very rare winning these two categories.  I thank the organizers for believing in what I do and also believing in me and my content.  I am glad that my team won all the key categories.

What gave you this award?

God, persistence. One thing I do is this – once I start a project, I see it to the end.  That propels me to carry on.

How will you spend your prize money?

I will invest it in my production outfit, Golden Effect.

What next after this?

It is next to next.  We have worked hard and we have been rewarded.  So, we are working back to back. This award is a call to go back to work.




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