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Baba Suwe exclusive: ‘I have found love again’

POPULAR comic actor, Alhaji Nurudeen Babatunde Omidina, otherwise known as Baba Suwe has opened up on his new hit movie, Alfa Nla, which parades a galaxy of stars, including himself, Opebe, Elesho, Mr. Latin, Rammy Shitta Bey, Wale Okunnu Akorede, Iyalegba, Fatimah and others.

The Oluaye of Comedy, as Baba Suwe is also known, also opened up on his pending case with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).  He equally confessed being in a new relationship.  All these and much more the veteran film maker told ENCOMIUM Weekly when we had a phone chat with him on Monday, August 24, 2015.

You released a movie, Alfa Nla, almost two years after the previous one, what actually caused the delay?

Nothing.  I believe everything depends on God’s time which is the best.

Babatunde Omidina (Baba Suwe)

Babatunde Omidina (Baba Suwe)

A lot of people believe most of you producers have been worse hit by the poverty level in the industry and that’s why you couldn’t produce a single movie in 2014.

(Cuts in) That’s their business.  Let them say what they like.  A lot of people like saying rubbish.  Are we not all in Nigeria?

Okay, what’s your candid assessment of the industry at the moment?

To be honest, things are generally bad.  Even, worse than what they used to be. Pirates have almost killed the business for us.  But God, in His infinite mercies, has been blessing us.  I thank God for that.  Despite the industry’s situation, I can still boast of eating my three square meals daily.  And I am not a beggar.  God has been so wonderful to me.

What do you want the Federal Government to do on piracy?

There is nothing we can do about it without the support of the government.  I am just using this medium to appeal to the government to come to our aid.  These pirates have almost sent us packing from the industry.

But why are you still producing once you know that pirates are waiting to reap where they didn’t sow?

We can’t quit the business because of their nefarious activities.  All I know is that one day they will be caught by the long arm of the law.

What informed the title Alfa Nla?

Alfa Nla is a movie that explains how wonderful God is. It’s just a story of two Alfas (clerics).  One has a deep knowledge of the Qu’ran but he is not as powerful as the one who is not all that knowledgeable.  So, the one with little knowledge is spiritually stronger than the other.  It’s a comedy film but there are lots of messages therein.

What has been the public comment on it?

Yes, a lot of people have called me about it, giving me kudos for a job well done.  It’s just a case of someone who is so thirsty and he’s eventually offered cold water.  The thirst will be quenched immediately.  They have long been expecting Baba Suwe to come out with a new movie since 2013 when I released the last one.  And I thank God, I didn’t disappoint my fans.  Even when I called Alhaji Rasaq Abdullah of Corporate Pictures fame who is the marketer of the movie, he gave me good feedback.  And that explained the movie is actually doing well.

How far with your case with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)?  Is there any hope of getting the money?

That’s a serious question.  Since my lawyer, Barrister Bamidele Aturu died about a year ago, it seemed the case died with him.  But I still believe in God.  I have handed over everything to Him.

But if by tomorrow, they say you should come for the money, how would you feel?

You should answer the question yourself.  Definitely, I would be happy but to be honest, that money is not the main thing.  What’s important to me is my name.  Not that if they give me the money, I won’t take it.  But I will be happier if they can just apologise to me.  That will go further in redeeming my image.

Had it been you had been paid that N25m since all this while, how would you have made use of it?

Honestly, I would have invested it in my career.  I should have used it to shoot more movies that the public will also benefit from.  And my life should have changed for the better.  But just like I said, I value my name more than that money.

Your fans have been clamouring for a movie that will tell the story of your cocaine ordeal the way it is, what’s still delaying you from doing that?

Yes, I am aware that a lot of people are expecting me to do something like that.  They should just get their fingers crossed.  It’s in the pipeline.  I will definitely shoot it.  That will be done at God’s time.

It’s almost six years that your wife, Omoladun passed away, don’t you intend remarrying?

Everything is in the Hands of God.  Not that I don’t have a woman I am looking at but I don’t’ have a wife for now.

But how soon will that happen?

It will surely happen at God’s time.  You will be informed when it is time.

How have you been coping all this while as a widower?

It’s God that has been with me.  He has been so wonderful.  I am coping fine.

How do you feel not having a woman to call your wife?

That’s not anybody’s business.  It’s my private life.  I have told you, I have a woman I am looking at but I am yet to remarry.  And when it’s the appropriate time to do that, I will inform you.

Can we know a little about the woman you’re talking about?

No, that’s private for now.  You don’t need to be in a hurry.  When it’s time, everybody will know the woman in my life.




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