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Barbers lament low patronage as men now keep longer hair

As the recession continues to bite harder, every average Nigerian it being faced with one difficulty or the other. As for the men, it’s really hard to get a haircut nowadays as barbers confirmed men now find pleasure in keeping longer hair just because of the current situation of the country.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the opinion of barbers and stylists. In our chat, they revealed to us that men have reduced the number of times they cut their hair, as customers no longer patronize barbers.


IDOWU (Merit Barbing Salon, Iju)

I think the change is in the air, customers no longer barb their hair like they used to. Those that are coming to barb now prefer low cuts unlike those trending styles and hair cut they used to barb. When asked, most of them will say low cut lasts longer compared to other haircuts.

So, patronage has really been affected. Customers now wait until their hair is bushy enough before coming to barb it. I don’t blame them anyway, I believe its just the economic situation of the country.


JOSHUA ADEPEJU (Hair & Style Salon)

You are right, men now keep longer hair just to save the cost of haircut. At first, I thought it was because of the amount charged per haircut. Later, I realized it wasn’t just about the price but people are not just ready to style their hair like they used to just because of the situation of our country.

Here, children haircut is N300 and adult is N500 yet customers will beg me to help them reduce the cost because they can’t afford that amount. I think every area of our life has really changed.


OPEYEMI OJO (Magic Touch Salon, Agege)

Our customers are still coming but they have reduced the number of times they barb their hair in a month. Even those that call on us here for home service no longer call because it’s expensive compared to those that come to the shop to barb their hair.

Patronage is still good here but money isn’t coming in like we used to have. Those who have been paying N500 for haircut can no longer afford it. Most of them will come and tell us they can only afford N300 or so, I just have to take whatever amount they have because they have been paying me good amount when they had the money.

So, I can tell you the current situation of the economy is really affecting barbers. What is left now is the survival of the fittest.


KELECHI EMMA (Above Barbing Salon, Agege)

My brother, the current situation of this country is not funny at all. I think Nigerians are not used to this kind of a recession in our history. A lot of my customers are now keeping longer hair. When asked they will tell me it is called Afro style, meanwhile they don’t have money to spare on barbing.

At first, I find it very funny because customers who have been barbing their hair every week or two weeks now come once in two months. I was having a chat with one of my old customers days back, he told me his wife is now his barber. Whenever he wants to barb, his wife will get a razor blade and that’s all, it doesn’t cost much and cuts better.

I tried to reason along with him and I really understood what that means. So, the situation is everywhere.


WOLE OLAKUNLE (Edge Barbing Salon)

We were faced with a lot of difficulties since the beginning of the year. Customers are always lamenting anytime they come to barb. They are not earning what they used to earn so also barbers. We are not being paid what we got unlike before.

The present administration has promised that all things will be fine soon. I believe once things get back to shape, Nigerians will be happy again.


VICTOR (Simple Cut Salon, Abule Egba)

Every Nigerian is complaining, even the little children. Things are no longer the way they used to be. Here we have different packaging for our customers. Starting from N500, N1,000, N1,500, yet people can’t afford them. Majority of our customers today go for the cheaper cuts. Hardly can we get someone who will wash, cut and set his hair these days.

Though it’s the most expensive here but before now that’s what our customers demanded before, not anymore. Our customers lately now prefer skin cut that will take a while before it grows.

  • Oluwafemi Soewu



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