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Celebrities react to ban on international music and movie shoot +Nigerians also react

Celebrities have taken to their social media page to respond to Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture’s proposed ban of shooting music videos and movies outside the country. 

We also spoke with some Nigerians about this development…


Jude Okoye

Smh. An industry they NEVER encouraged, supported or empowered is what they now want to control. Let all of you stop running abroad when you are sick as na naija money una dey use patronize oyibo hospital dem. You people are the ones refusing to fix our health facilities, so u travel out when mosquito bite una. So why tell us where to record when u can’t provide uninterrupted power here in Nigeria. Sometime I wonder how we got it all wrong. Una children when dey sch for abroad na which money una dey use patronize them? Abeg stfu!’


Peter Okoye

Dear FG, for your information: All the shame way una de bring for this country, naa we entertainers dey cover una nash. Ndi ala

Our Government dey fail us since 1960.

Sometimes, am ashamed to be called a Nigerian. Tuffiakwa.

Another nationality loading.



Embezzlement and mismanagement of Nigeria funds is what hampers Nigeria’s economy #ministerfaceyourwork.

Government should leave the creative industry alone and face the country. The country is your business, make it viable, dynamic and sustainable.


Dr Kleft

Big joke no disrespect but pls sip some coffee deleting soon all they know how to do is destroy what they didn’t build FG or LG Ni.


More Nigerians also reacts



I think there should be some considerations. Nigeria is not yet there in terms of infrastructure and equipment. Those traveling out are doing it at their own expenses. We don’t have what it takes to enforce such now. Government should put the right structure in place before they can make such laws.


Funke Adebisi

I quite disagree with the honorable minister, Government does not have any facility for those music artists, most of the available equipment are personal properties. When Nigeria gets there, I am sure our artists wouldn’t travel abroad again, it will even save more money to shot in Nigeria.


Akeem Afolabi

We need to look at it from another perspective, Nigeria artists have brought international recognition to this country through their crafts. So, traveling abroad has added up for the country in another way.


Kemi Akinmola

Top officers are also guilty, they run abroad for the slightest headache. No good medical facilities in Nigeria. He shouldn’t bounce on producers, they should remove the log in their eyes first.


Shade Wesley Metibogun for



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