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Here are 5 questions nobody has answered about Tagbo’s death

From all the suspects to Davido and Lagos Police Command, there are many questions they have not answered as family and friends mourn Tagbo Umeike who died on Tuesday, October 3. compiles 5 questions that need urgent answers on the last hours and death of 35-year-old Tagbo Umeike:

1. How many shots of Tequila did Tagbo drink? 10, 20 or 40?

2. Did he take other substances that led to his being unruly and unsteady?

3. Where did he go after he was left at Shisha’s Bar by Davido who claimed he went to DNA?

4. Where and when did he die?

5. Who instructed Davido’s Hilux escort vehicle driver and his two accomplices to dump Tagbo’s corpse at The General Hospital in Lagos Island?

The riddles in the death of Tagbo Umeike are encouraging all sorts of speculations and insinuations…



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