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Tagbo’s official autopsy report not released yet

The autopsy report circulating on blogs and news sites that 35 year old Tagbo Umeike died on October 3, 2017, from excessive alcohol and epilepsy drug is not official.

The Commissioner of Lagos Police Command stated that the report which will reveal the cause of death of Davido’s friend and Caroline Danjuma’s lover is still being expected from pathologists.
The unofficial autopsy report in circulation claimed Tagbo Umeike took Bacardi with over 75% alcoholic content and an epilepsy drug which was not prescribed.
Stories about the last hours of Tagbo Umeike are still being pieced together. But what’s certain is that he was with the tremendously popular hip-hop artiste Davido and his crew. They were at the beach at some point on Tuesday, Ctober 2 and at a joint. And there was a drinking contest of Tequila which eventually knocked out Tagbo.
What’s unclear is what happened between 12:30 and 5:30 am when his corpse was deposited at the hospital in Lagos Island by his friends who eloped later.
The CCTV recorded the young men who ferried his corpse to the hospital shielding their faces with a cap.
The official report is expected soon…



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