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Inside P-Square’s spell binding wedding (4)

PAUL OKOYE opens up about his bride

‘She’s an embodiment of my dream woman’

Paul Okoye

Paul Okoye

Paul Okoye spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly before and after the traditional wedding. Like he had never before, he told us their love story…

Congrats on your traditional wedding. So how does it feel to be married?

Thanks.  I’m quite happy. It’s a good feeling.

What will change about you now you have tied the knot the traditional way?

Nothing really. What I have done is just to formalise the relationship. As far as I’m concerned, I have been married to Anita for many years.

When is the white wedding?

We will let you know at the appropriate time.

The music industry practically relocated to honour you and your wife. Are you not excited by that?

Of course, I’m excited. Or what do you expect?

So, what is your prayer for them?

God will continue to honour and bless them. I wish them all the best.

What has sustained your love for Anita for over a decade?

Anita is not just my wife, she’s my friend, confidant and critique. We are just perfect together.

Why did it take you that long to finally say I do?

It was a mutual decision we took. We needed to take our time and do this at the right time.

Can you please tell us exactly when and how you guys met?

To cut the long story short, we have been dating from school days. I can’t really start explaining how we met.

What was the attraction back then?

She was an embodiment of my dream woman. Aside the beauty, she’s intelligent and has other good qualities you can think of.

What is your prayer for this marriage?

I pray it lasts forever.

‘My prayer is to remain focused and committed to my family’ –ANITA ISAMA

Anita Isama

Anita Isama

Asked if she was ever worried about Paul not proposing or marrying her after dating her for over a decade, she said that wasn’t a problem at all. She, however, avoided some of our questions…

Congrats on your wedding. How does it feel to get married to your heartthrob?

I’m really happy.

Now you are married, will anything change about you?

Just to keep focused and remain committed to my family.

Looking back, what would you say made you fall in love? What has sustained the love all this long?

We are good friends. Due to that, we have a simple way of resolving issues when we have one. In every relationship, friendship is quite important, and we have it.

And what is your prayer for this marriage?

That it will continue to blossom.

You guys have a baby already, how many more to go if you have a choice? Were you at any point worried that Paul has not proposed and when he did, were you not on top of the moon?

I wasn’t worried because I knew a day like this will definitely come. He’s a workaholic and busy person, so all that needed to be considered. There was no point to be in a rush.





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