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Inside P-Square’s spell binding wedding (5)

Peter and Jude Okoye and their father list ways to eternal union

‘It’ll be beautiful staging double white wedding with Paul and Anita’-LOLA OMOTAYO confesses

Lola Omotayo Okoye

Lola Omotayo Okoye

Peter Okoye’s wife, Lola Omotayo Okoye was so excited to speak with ENCOMIUM Weekly…

Tell us how you feel?

Today is the happiest day for me. Apart from my own wedding day, I have always been looking forward to seeing today. I am very happy.

What do you wish them?

I wish them peace, love, long life and good health. They should be patient, especially the bride, Anita. She needs it a lot because dating a celebrity is very difficult, complicated.

Everybody is dying to know if P-Square will stage a double white wedding. Do you wish for it as well?

I think double white wedding will be so beautiful, between the twins and the ladies. I think it’s really going to be great.

Advice for the couple.

Like I said, they need patience, consistency and most important, God. With that, expect a happy home, great family.

‘After Paul’s wedding, Jude is next,’ PA OKOYE confirms

Pa Okoye

Pa Okoye

Tell us how you feel?

I am very happy to be among the people that participated in this traditional wedding of my son, Paul.

What kind of person is your son, Paul?

He is a simple man. From childhood, I taught him and his brothers the essence of God, and I am happy he knows God, up till date. I have never seen him arguing with anybody, and he likes to be friendly with everybody, no matter the ethnicity. That’s why he chose this line of business, which everybody enjoys.

When Paul told you he wanted to marry Anita, how did you take it?

That has been my expectation. The joy of every parent is to see his son get married and have children. When it is time for them to do so, and they don’t, parents get worried. So, it has been my expectation and I am happy that happened today, because it is time for him to start building a home, the family of their own.

Are you not worried that their brother, Jude is not married?

I am not worried because I have met Jude and he told me that after Paul’s wedding, it’s his own. As a father, I interview all of them and he has given me every assurance that he is going to get married. If we love them, we should continue to pray for God to select the best wives for them.

What is your advice?

God will be on their side always, because it is God that started this work before most of us got aware. I am very grateful that God will continue to be with him and his wife, I pray that they will never go astray.

‘We are happy that their 10 year romance turned to matrimony’  -Paul’s brother, HENRY

Tell us how you feel?

It is thing of great joy. It is something we have been expecting for a long time. Everybody is very excited to be here today. I am so grateful, because we all know how it started 10 years ago, and we are happy to see it coming to reality. I saw a lot of people I have never met at the bash organized on the eve of the wedding, I wish them happy married life.

How would you describe this union?

It is a perfect union; they have a great understanding I have never seen before. Their combination is unique. They are meant for each other. I don’t think there is going to be any conflict in their union because it has been perfect all this while. It is not easy to keep somebody for a long time when you know you’re into entertainment, but for him to make it work, it’s a great blessing. I wish them happy married life.

What is your advice for the couple?

They should put God first in everything they do, understand and respect each other. I strongly believe everything is going to work out for them. We welcome Anita to our family, may God continue to bless the union. Happy married life, brother.

‘The family is happy about the union,’ Paul’s brother, CHRIS, asserts

Chris Okoye

Chris Okoye

How does it feel seeing your younger brother getting married today?

It feels good to be here today. This is a union blessed by God and we are happy to be here. It is a day of joy, not only for Paul and Anita, but for the two families because this union marks the coming together of the two families. Leaving my state to be part of this is a great joy for me and my family. We are very happy.

You’re married and from your experience, what do you wish the couple?

I wish them long life and prosperity. I wish them God’s grace, because marriage is an institution of endurance, where it is expected for the couple to endure at difficult times. It is also an institution to exercise patience, because patience is one of the keys to a successful marital life. I know my brother, Paul, very well, he is a good person and I am sure he’ll continue to be good to his wife and children.

‘Paul and Anita’s love is genuine,’ Paul’s sister, MARY affirms

Tell us how you feel?

Today is my happiest day, because my brother, Paul is getting married. I am happy for him and Anita. I wish them long life and prosperity. I pray that their children will grow to become greater than their parents.

What kind of person is your brother and his lovely wife, Anita?

They have been in real love, I tell you. They dated for like 10 years. They might not be ready then, even five years ago, but they sustained it till today. It is not easy to date someone for 10 years and that relationship eventually led to marriage. I wish them best of luck.

What is your advice to the couple?

To young people like we should follow our heart, and please, don’t love because of money. When Anita started dating Paul, P-Square was not in existence. It is really  genuine love and I want to urge the young ones not to love anybody because of money.





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