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PSquare’s split: fans heap blame on their wives

The split announced by Peter Okoye of the successful musical duo, PSquare, is being knocked by fans.

From blaming their wives to accusing them of stunts, many are unhappy with the separation. 
Here are some comments…
  • uzeez0907@muobikeujunwasweetie it might not even Lola remember she has been there before Jude and peters wives came in…it might even be the quite ones doing the most
  • jennishuggaI pray it’s a publicity stunt😩😩😩…For crying out loud don’t bring ur problems to d media…Seek God bro😅😩😩😩
  • fest2cuteThese guys should go sand sleep. Why do they keep proving to be so imsture. Groups made of just friends are waxing stronger why these guys from same mother dey misbehave. Rubbish
  • favorezeaniTheir village people is at work
  • jopisnig123Cheap attention seekers shame guys and if you guys come you guys will be the biggest fools nonsense
  • babyollyPublicity stunt
  • queentreazyI don’t care anymore
  • adaku_Woow this is really sad
  • mr_otachechai see wetin anger dy cause.. devil is indeed crafty. the twins gave him something to use against them and that’s d result of it.
  • eliasfaithHmmm women are devil since this man get married to owanbe it has been one problem or the other
  • eshietubonWoman has been d problem of dis world y will u alow a woman to control u wer she been dey wen una no get anytin to chop u guy tink if it was peter/paul u wuld ave gone dis far i fear una Carrie dn end una mama go dey very disappointed at u guy in d world beyond God help us all
  • iamtaiyelI noticed something… muno_sings is Paul’s personal signed artist, for him to like a post about peter talking abt things like this when it’s abt his boss, it means Paul is really a hard headed guy, we all know Jude is too. It means Paul and Jude are the real issues, been in the studio with Paul, Jude and muno before in old square ville and I can tell you Paul and Jude are a headache, they even still argued on song arrangement for more than 3 hours and muno cldnt even say a word even tho it was his song. I observed a lot that day, I wish peter was there so I can get a bit of his character too. But I got to watch Paul, and watch Jude and watch how they control the people around them
  • piicantoIf u had married an igbo it wouldn’t be like this they warned u
  • kennie_anagoalsSome am not Twin abi? Fine i never get Money, but the Love btw My Twin and i is priceless. You say Family always comes first, so your twin is not family abi? I think you people are normal brothers, na you be the second born. Disgrace to Twinshood. (If that’s correct) Rubbish!!!
  • ujunwaMay God bring peace btwn tjis two brothers!. This is just thr devil at work, identical blood brothers!!!! Very sad
  • accentMr P for life, u ‘re always the coolest dude with big brain it’s obvious everyone knows that, your immediate family comes first bro so protect and guide them as you ve always do, but remember, paul and jude will always be your blood brothers no matter what and they can’t also take your life no matter what. Wish you guys more success as you henceforth act and perform as separate individual. All we want is gud music from both sides. We the fans love you both any day. One love.
  • __mystiqueeWe have bigger problems in Nigeria brah
  • lukuenzyNothing last forever nothing even our trouble. Wishing Peter and Paul all the best. But they should not think we go think about them as Psquare as far as am concern they are upcoming artists with no songs yet. Even am going to unfriend you both if i now like your singles and am impress I will add una back. I can not come and rob Psquare to pay Peter and Paul. Ko jo o
  • o4ma123I guess they are waiting for Trump and Macron to settle them this time. Nah only una get family issue? Abeg make we hear word joor.
  • muobikeujunwaU people should be ashamed of urselves. If u lyk separate it’s none of my biz. Never like dar Lola. Ocha ka omaka
  • dutest_victorBiko break up…we don tire,n.a. only una
  • chommyleliaRubbish, Always difficult for Africans to build very strong empire
  • juliet_petAbeg make them go rest. Their drama is too much. Na only una dey Naija?
  • franbrown49This becoming annoying. Psqaure and their wahala. Abeg ignore them. Always Peter. Why?
  • olufemivictor8296Abeg make Una free deze guyz jare, make dem separate, dey av it all already(handsome looking, beautiful wives and children, too much money) ,they must look for something to carry as cross na cuz nobody has it all .Nobody should blame anybody for this,especially derr wives cuz dey should be old and wise enuf already to manage whatever differences deyre having ….since dey can’t .Make dem please demselves.




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