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Linda Ikeji’s feminism tactic against Wizkid fails woefully

Just when followers of the Linda Ikeji vs Wizkid brouhaha thought they had seen the final episode of the intriguing series of infantile diatribe, The superstar blogger managed to produce a fresh episode, laden enough thrill to make Nollywood producers jealous.

Many were surprised when the news broke over the weekend that she had involved the police in the spat after she allegedly received ‘threats’ from Wizkid, who allegedly said he was going to send his 16 year old cousin to beat her up.

However, it was not until Linda penned a lengthy rant on her blog, explaining ‘why’ she had to report the case to the police that Twitter Nigeria went berserk. “I reported this case to the authorities because I want our young men to know this is not okay. You should not raise your hands on a woman. You shouldn’t even threaten to raise your hands on a woman,” she wrote.

Her attempt to garner feminist empathy, however, backfired, going by the flurry of tweets condemning her.
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