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Nigerians appeal to ASUU to call off strike

Nigerians have appealed to ASUU to call off their indefinite strike just embarked upon a couple of days back. They made this known in an opinion poll conducted by where they also begged the government to fulfill its promises to the aggrieved lecturers…


Rotimi Jeje

Those lecturers are thieves, they have turned the whole thing to a four months tournament. After staying at home for months, they want the government to pay them. I will also blame the government, they should live up to their responsibilities, I am sure the money they are agitating for might be dated to almost ten years ago.


Ajayi Seun

That is a setback for the students that are in Government universities, it would affect their academic year definitely, especially students seeking admission. I will appeal to ASUU to consider the new entrants and those in their final year.


Segun Araoye

It is unfortunate, I don’t think they have any choice, that has always been their logo in pushing forward their demands. We are appealing to them to consider those in the university and those seeking admission this year so as not to jeopardized their future. We are also appealing to the government to listen to their yearnings and consider their wellbeing paramount in the scheme of things.


Mary Roberts

I think it is really the fault of the government, why didn’t they fulfill their promise to ASUU? I learnt that university primary schools teachers have not been paid for months, how do they want them to survive really? Even if it is arrears they are owing, wouldn’t they pay it? Let us be considerate, are they not entitled to payment after work? We can only appeal to them to go back to work, we should also beg the government to fulfil their demands.


Becky James

The only way they can get the attention of the government is by going on strike. What else would they do? They cannot protest, they just have to go on strike. I just pity those innocent students and I don’t blame ASUU as well. Everybody wants better working conditions. We have to continue to plead with ASUU to call off the strike.


Nike Onifade

It is unfortunate that it is the innocent students that would suffer for it. ASUU should be considerate as well, things are tough in the country right now. Once they understand that, they should be able to go back to work.


Bolaji Richard

We just have to plead with the government and ASUU to come to a reasonable decision and allow those children go back to school. Government should please look into their demands and fulfill them.


Fola Fatoye

I think it is the government we need to beg, they should do according to their promise. Once that is fulfilled, I trust them they would go back to work.


Francis Richman

I just pray it doesn’t get out of hands. I think that is the only way them can make their demands from the government.  The government should also be sensitive to the plight of those lecturers.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for 




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