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P-Square breakup tale was a stunt

-fans demand apology

P-Square-001Normalcy has finally returned to the household of the award winning sensational music duo, Peter and Paul Okoye famously known as P-Square, weeks after a very turbulent period, if information at our disposal is anything to go by.

Although the twins and their brother, Jude declined to speak to the press who made efforts to know the truth of the impending break-up rumours, their action has fuelled  speculations within and outside the industry that it’s nothing but a publicity stunt. And nothing real about the widely publicised break-up, but just a mellow drama.

P-Square’s publicist, Bayo Adetu while speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Monday, April 28, 2014, admitted the whole P-Square break up saga was all a stunt created by Nigerian bloggers and not the music duo.

“When the whole thing started, I told people that it was not true, that there was no fight between the Okoye brothers. But people insisted there was a fight, so I left them to go ahead and write whatever they wanted.  In that sense, they (bloggers) created the stunt themselves and it is something we laughed at each time we came across such stories.

“The Facebook account that people said belongs to Paul is fake. Neither Paul nor Peter has a Facebook account, it’s all fake posted by dubious people to mislead the public.”

According to the fake Facebook account, Paul said, “After the storm comes the calm. Hoping for better days ahead as one family. God’s intervention”.

He also went further (in another post on Friday, April 25, 2014) to exonerate his brother’s wife, Lola Omotayo, whom many believe is responsible for their predicament.

According to him, “Please, whatever happened was not caused by any woman, pls and pls stop blaming ma brother’s wife Lola for wat she’s innocent of. Twins do fight and quarrel, it is not a big deal only dat the naija media over-emphasized it, but never underestimate the power of blood. It’s thicker than water. Much love to y’all. #‎Family #‎ForeverP-Square”.

Earlier, Jude Okoye, whose controversial tweet suggested an end to the Africa’s most successful music group, also twitted, appreciating the power of family. “Family is everything indeed. Long live P-SQUARE!”

He also cleared Lola Omotayo from the mess, saying “Pls we are all family, including Lola. Stop blaming her, this was never about her. Thank you.”

Many anxious fans of the sensational twins, who have been following the news, are eager to know the immediate and remote cause of the rift, since it’s not about their women. ENCOMIUM Weekly’s efforts to speak with the duo and their brother proved abortive. However, there are reports that the dispute between the Okoyes was resolved by business guru and chairman of Globacom, Dr. Mike Adenuga.

The source said, “Otunba Adenuga gave P-Square the matching orders when it became obvious that things were getting more messy by the day. He told the boys, through a letter, to simply get their acts together or get kicked off the Globacom ambassadorial list.

“In the said letter, Globacom advised the brothers to get their acts together, as Glo signed a deal with P-Square and not Peter or Paul. The letter further told them to resolve all crisis as their drama was becoming an embarrassment to Glo’s corporate image. It was Adenuga’s order and pleas by other well-meaning Nigerians that saw the brother resolving their feud.”

All these claims were debunked when we spoke to two representatives of Glo, who didn’t want their names to be on print. They said, “We are not aware of the story.”

In the last few weeks, there had been so many tales threatening the home of the Okoyes. The gist that they fought over joint assets; labelled Peter as an ordinary dancer and accusation that Jude disrespects Peter’s wife, Lola Omotayo, among others. With the present development, however, there is every indication that the family have overcome the storm and remains stronger, ever than before.

The trio made their first public appearance on Saturday, April 26, 2014 when they attended model and designer, Sarah Ofili’s Ibiza House Party at Piccolo Mondo, Victoria Island, Lagos.


Jude and Ifeoma Umeokeke

Jude and Ifeoma Umeokeke

Meanwhile, P-Square’s elder brother, Jude Okoye has finally proposed to his girlfriend of less than a year, Ifeoma Michelle Umeokeke. It was privately held at an undisclosed location on Jude’s 39th birthday, held on Friday, April 25, 2014.

Paul posted the good news on his Facebook page, saying, “Congrats to ma big bro Jude on his marriage proposal to beautiful Onyinye and also to ma kid sister Mary as she say “YES” #‎DoubleCelebration. Family is everything.”

Although, no further details on the marriage plan, this has therefore ended speculation over the woman rocking Jude’s life. Apart from being the duo of Peter and Paul’s brother, he’s also the President of Square Records and Northside Music Inc. The lucky lady, Ifeoma was a contestant on the Silverbird’s sponsored Miss Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Beauty Pageant (MBGN) in 2012. She won the Miss Tourism title.


The duo of Peter and Paul are now living happily as one family in their multi-million naira wondrous Omole mansion, Ikeja, Lagos with their families, since their Parkview mansion is under construction. However, an insider said Peter’s wife is not permanently based there, although, she comes regularly. Their elder brother, Jude and others, including their band members, have their own apartments in the same building, where they all live.


Thousands of P-Square’s fans across the world were excited about the news of their re-union. They couldn’t hide their joy when they stormed social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter) to express their satisfaction about the news. Someone said, “Like the best news ever! That split would have been the worst mistake of the century.”

They, however, demanded apology from the multiple award-wining duo for the rumour had psychological effects on them…

Excerpts from their comments as monitored by ENCOMIUM Weekly…


The truth is, fans and Nigerians in general want the entire family strong and united! Family issues and challenges exist everywhere, and for a simple reason that they are celebrities does not make an exception. We love this family and would champion anything that makes them happy. Integrating hateful words, abuses or insolence would only worsen any situation. P-Square and families need encouragement to move on. Peter and Paul are one strong indivisible bond made possible by God. Jude is a big brother with a big heart that has brought his twin brothers this long and can’t afford to lose what belongs to him. Not really how a journey started that matters, it is only the end that justifies the means! Lola and Anita therefore are role models having been part of this peace process and seeing it through a logical end. #‎FOREVERPSQURE !!!


I personally don’t believe the story, because I know that nothing will split them. The power of money and power of women are not stronger than the bond that holds them. #‎psquareforever


Why did you people in the first instance bring family matters to the public? I am very angry with P-Square, it’s not done anywhere. Thank God, the matter is settled now.


They should wake up and also realize that Jude should stop disturbing and disrespecting Peter ‘s wife , Lola since they are married. How could it be possible for him to separate them now they are bound together for eternity. Why is he trying to put that separation or asunder since they are married. And Peter is ok with his wife. All these problems are the work of devil, I pray for u guys not to separate in music because it will do none of you guys any good. It’s only your best haters will gain, if you continue with their plan of separation for you guys.


they have made peace already and they are gonna write a very good song soon to apologise to (we) their die hard fans. Just watch and see. Thank God for everything.


Good one brothers. Men come and go, but families remain forever. Even their wives are part of their families. Divided they all stand.


P-square attention seekers, I knew all these was just a drama so you guys would be in the news. Happy for you guys anyway.


This is great. I love happy ending. Thank God they finally made up. But, they need to apologize to us.


Hmmm Abeg o!!!Dear P-Square, I want to ask ‘WHY E BE SAY’ una wan split after all these years? Coz u guys seem to have forgotten that there is ‘NO ONE LIKE YOU’ in Africa, and u also forgot that God use ‘IFUNANYA’ to make it to be a ‘POSSIBILITY’ for u guys to be ‘UNLIMITED’ today. I feel so bad over your latest ‘STORY’ coz ‘I LOVE YOU’ and I urge u to deal with your present situation ‘PERSONALLY’ and do not let your ‘BEAUTIFUL ONYINYE’s’ to make you split. Don’t forget that they are only there to ‘CHOP YOUR MONEY’. I know that ‘E NO EASY’ but u guys should try not to get involved in any ‘BIZZY BODY’ because it will only lead to more ‘DANGER’ in your career, and your fans will no longer be able to dance ‘ALINGO’ again. Take a look at how BRACKET is living their life ‘YORI YORI’. So u may call on SKT to come ‘FOLLOW FOLLOW’ settle the problems u guys are having, coz e get as e dey ‘DO ME’ anytime I hear the that u guys want to ‘BREAK IT’. I also heard that you brought ‘OGA POLICE’’in to the matter. I want u guyz to be ‘MORE THAN A FRIEND’. to avoid any ‘TEMPTATION’ which will lead to ‘GAME OVER’. Try to use the formula of ‘IFUNANYA’ we are hoping to hear your ‘TESTIMONY’ soon.




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