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P-Square’s break up tale! (2) : ‘Women and money can’t separate us’

Meanwhile, the twins (Peter and Paul) had vowed, in a recent in interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, that nothing can separate them, not even a woman, except their mum, which they said, “it’s not possible.” Their mum died less than two years ago.

Findings, however, revealed that a woman is responsible for the musical duo present predicament, and in few days to come, the truth will become obvious.

Excerpts of the interview below…

‘We’ll not allow women to break P-Square’ – PETER

Peter Okoye

Peter Okoye

What are the things you can’t do without Paul?

I cannot go on stage without Paul as P-Square, which is the truth. Working inside the studio without Paul is impossible. Aside music, I can live without him but if it has to do with music, we are going to be together because two good heads are better than one. I might come up with a wrong or faulty idea and he would correct it. This is how we run things.

Do you guys quarrel?

Why not? We are human beings.

What do you quarrel over?

It is always this music. We have a lot of disagreement but Paul is somebody am proud of. I remembered when we had the Game Over album and we were to select our best five, I am going to be honest with you. In my best five, I didn’t choose DO Me and No One Like You and he did but at the end of the day, the songs became the best in the album. He’s someone that  I am proud of.

Do you see yourself parting with your brother someday?

One thing we have been trying to do is to separate business (music) from other things, especially relationship with women. Relationship can never stop us from doing our business. So,  I don’t think there is anything like that and if there will be anything like that, it is going to be from our mum and which is not going to be possible. The day our mum say, Peter and Paul should go solo, we’ll do that. But do you think she can say that? Absolutely no!

What about women coming in between Peter and Paul?

We would not allow that. From our past and present relationships, that has never happened and when it comes to music, we keep everything aside. If it will rather come, I and Paul will step out. We don’t combine our music with relationship and we have not done that for the past 11 years and it will not happen now. We’ve always been so conscious of it.

Why do you think groups /bands break up?

What else if not pride, money and who does what. Let me not lie to you, in the last album, Paul did much. Maybe  I did about 35 percent but at the end of the day, the glory went to P-square. However in this album,  I did a lot (let’s say 50/50 percent) but it’s still P-square. We earn the same money. It is only greed and selfish interest that make groups part ways. Apart from that, I’ll say women and such will not happen to Peter and Paul.

‘What can make P-Square to part ways’ – PAUL

Peter Okoye

Peter Okoye

Paul revealed in a recent interview, saying. It’s either I am no more doing music and Peter still wants to do.”

Paul, in the same interview, held Peter’s view. He said, “I can’t do music without Peter. I might have an idea but I am not a finisher. Even though I did most of the writing, I am not a finisher. That is why I said Peter is a perfectionist. I might want to sing a song like No One Like You in a particular starting and Peter will come up with a better starting point and it will really work. However, I can’t do music without performance. So, we combine music and performance.

Why do you think groups/bands go solo?

Most of the time, groups go solo because of personal decision and I tell you, it’s a great mistake. If a group wants to break-up, all I want to hear is that one of them is no more singing, not that you will break and start telling people (fans) that you can survive without your partners. If P-Square is parting ways today, it’s either I am no more doing music and Peter still wants to do. This is how it’s supposed to be. Most cases, money had been the major reason groups go solo. At times, it might be that fans love one of the group members than the others. Marriage can also affect. Groups especially, when one is married and others are saying his wife is distracting his attention from doing music.

I do tell my brother why I am not married (then) is because I still have a lot to achieve in this industry, and the last thing I will do is to allow a woman to come in between me and my brother. By the time I am going to get married, I am going to give music a break four to five years after because I will not want my music to affect my family, me and my brother. So, before I do things, I do check and balance but because people are not doing that, that’s why they break up.  – (Published in ENCOMIUM, July 26, 2011).




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