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Paraga consumers applaud its efficacy – in spite of doctors’ warning

In Nigeria, the increased popularity and sale of local energy drinks like Opa Eyin, Jedi, Burantashi, among others, have become a major trend. In Lagos, more men and women have joined in the consumption of paraga as they can be seen virtually on every street having a paraga drink.

Meanwhile, the consumption is not restricted to commercial bus drivers and conductors alone. Paraga consumption is now popular with young and old, men and women. The emotional attachment customers of the numerous paraga drinks have for the product can’t be quantified as many believe it’s the best sexual enhancement drink to take.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled the opinion of some paraga consumers who spoke about the health benefits of drinking paraga and what they derive in the consumption.


‘With just N200 I can treat all sorts of illnesses…’ – DELE OGUNJOBI

I can’t afford the hospital charges when I am having minor health issues. This is my own hospital. With just N200 I can treat all sorts of illnesses here with herbal concoctions. I can’t stop patronizing this paraga joint because their mixtures are always good and healthy for the body. I was having malaria typhoid sometime ago, my family took me to the hospital and the doctor charged N20,000 for my treatment. That’s a lot of money, we can’t afford it.

I have to come here to get some mixtures with just N300 and in no time I was back strong and healthy. So, for me I will always drink this paraga as it works well for my body.


‘I take paraga for sexual prowess’ – SLYVESTER BRIGHT

I take these products to boost my sexual prowess. It has never disappointed me. Not even for once. With just N200, I can get a mixtures of Opa Eyin and Jedi and it will work like magic and make my sexual strength come back to life.


‘Paraga is the only option for depressed people’ – SHOLA OJO

With the present situation of the country, alot of people are depressed, including me. So, the only alternative to makes myself happy is coming here to have a mixture of paraga. It makes me have a sound sleep at night and make me forget all the issues making me feel depressed. I really can’t stop consuming these concoctions because it has been working for me. I normally come here to enjoy a shot of Dongoyaro mixed with Opa Eyin and Jedi.


‘Nobody can control the consumption of paraga’ – FRIDAY OCHUKO

Personally, I have brought about four friends here and they can all testify to the fact that the mixtures are really working, especially for man power. Paraga consumption cannot be controlled because not everyone can afford to purchase medicinal drugs to treat their illness but with the help of herbs and leaves mixed with alcohol we can treat all sorts of illnesses at no cost. They are relatively cheap to buy and I can tell you that they are really working in the body. I can’t stop consuming paraga because it has never failed me.


‘My choice of drink is Jedi mixed with Ale’ – NONSO IKENNA

My choice of drink is Jedi mixed with Ale, I can have as many shots as I want in a day and it normally charges my sexual organ. It is not a joke because its work cannot be described. It cleanses, strengthens and boosts

sexual urge in male and female. Ever since I started drinking these mixtures, I have never complained of any form of illness.


‘Paraga is my only saving grace when it comes to performance’ – CALEB ADEWALE

Whenever I am having a match to play is when I do come here to have a shot. I don’t know about the other benefits of drinking Mama Ngozi paraga but when it comes to sexual activeness, they work like a magic. I last all night long after taking this concoction. My partner has always been complaining that I am not really active sexually before now.

But ever since I have been drinking these mixtures, it has never failed me and I am sure it won’t.


‘I drink this paraga because it works for my system’ – CHIOMA OGU

I come around to drink this paraga because it works for my system. I have always been complaining of menstrual pains before now but ever since I started taking these mixtures, it has seen changes. I don’t feel any form of pain anymore as I do experience my monthly flow of blood without any pain.




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