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Peace at last for P-Square

Turning out like the lines in a popular nursery rhyme, entitled two little dickie birds, super Nigerian pop duo, Peter and Paul Okoye (P-square) and their brother Jude are back together after several weeks of drama and brick brats on social media. After a weekend filled with explosive interviews, responses, social media “shade” and lots more, it seems as though there is peace at last for P-Square. Some comments on peace at last for P-Square.

Nigerians have responded to the drama…



Next time you have family issues please keep it off social media. You all are not babies.



I’m sure the peace is really from their hearts not by force peace.



I am glad they are reconciled and in good spirits, it’s ok that they brought it out in social media. Sometimes the court of public opinion does a lot of good to justice and to our conscience and to truth. And for those saying they are behaving like children, no they are humans behaving like human. Siamese twins disagree; countries disagree and go to war. The worst is to die in silence. I like that Peter spoke out, now the issues have been sorted out justly and maturely. Quarrel amongst siblings and an even spouse, is very normal. He is a liar who says he has never disagreed with family. We are all guilty, some of us have worse going on in our families. But for them, this is the price they pay for fame.



You guys keep falling for their stunt; I can recount all the fake break up stories from their past, keep falling for their tricks, Gullible.



Good! Now, they need to sit down and have a proper business meeting. Prepare a contract and do things the right way, otherwise back to square one oh!



They are indeed stupid. Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity.


Udegbunam Chukwudi

They reconciled too fast if you ask me. They have not finished fixing their wahala and it’s only a matter of time before they come and disturb us again.



Thank God for them but Jude really need to step down as their manager.


@Keke Driver

We are bored already! If you guys like you break up, if you don’t like don’t, the likes of Whiz kid, Davido and Wande are fast taking your spots.



Sincerely, I am happy for these men, blood is thicker than water. I sincerely pray that God will keep you guys together. And your mom will look down from heaven and be proud of all of you, Biko!


@Ajodah Isaac (Producer)

Men, am happy chilling because p square are now back. The truth of it is that, they move me into music and I went extra mile to become a producer, men am so happy.



Am tearing up right now because of this. May God bless you guys for letting peace rain. Love you all so much; please give us an explosive album. P square for life!



Let’s hope they do better music now, compared to their ugly album. So many artiste and duos to watch. I won’t notice their absent if they go haywire.


@Paul Emenike

Am with Michael Nwobasi Joseph, no. 1 fan worldwide, he lamented that he is not happy for the quarrel between the two brothers, no wonder they have not dropped a new album, he said. Peter doesn’t look the same way he used to be.



All of you doing teamPaul and teamPeter must be feeling stupid now. Me I have always known not to put mouth in siblings matter because when they settle you will become the enemy, likewise husband and wife matter.



The Okoye’s family are just too fake for my liking. Please don’t feed us with P-Square stupid story again. I’m tired of their break up and make up.



Peace at last! How I love these men, I’m really weary of people doing team this, team that. Come on, they are family and each family fight! It is very normal for Pete’s sake, no need to come here and pretend. Some of you are worse off! It takes wisdom and maturity to quell down siblings’ rivalry and fights.



Hmmm, Okoyes brothers, family comes first before P-Square and will be last after P-Square. It right time you need to put business structures in place for Square Records. Am happy for you guys.



@Peter, don’t think you can manage yourself alone likewise Paul and Jude. You guys need each other to survive, grow, progress and otherwise.



For all you fools that were taking sides and forming teamPeter, you should all be ashamed of yourselves now. lesson learnt, never take sides when siblings or spouse quarrel because at the end, family always come first.

@Chika Okorie for encomium.ng




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