Singer Timi Dakolo speaks passionately about three years of marriage

THE winner of the first season of Idols West Africa, Timi Dakolo, who beat Omawumi Megbele with 63 per cent of the votes to the second position opened up on his third marriage anniversary in a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly.

How does it feel celebrating your third year of marriage?

It feels great.  It’s a journey.  We are learning more and more about each other as the days go by.  Praying for God’s Hand to always be upon our union.  And more joy, understanding and happiness until we grow old.

How do you plan to celebrate the anniversary?

By spending quality time together without the kids, talk and laugh about old times and just have fun.

What would you say marriage has brought you?

Marriage has brought me so many things.  It has brought me a lot of favour and goodness from God and man.  It has made me a better man, taught me to be more responsible.

In three years of marriage, what has been the highest point so far?

The highest point in my marriage has been the birth of my kids and each time they say daddy, it strikes a chord within me words can’t explain.  I love my kids very much.

What has been the low point?

There is no low point in my marriage.  It’s just lessons and we move on.

How do you resolve differences when issues arise?

We resolve our differences by talking.  We don’t sleep over it.  We trash it before we go to bed and move on with more important things the next day.

What are you working on presently?

I am currently working on my new album entitled, Love and Consequences.  I am releasing a new song entitled, Wish me well next week.

What has been your achievement in music?

It is my ability to greatly improve my song writing, garner more knowledge about music and my awards that come with my songs.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Still making great music and better things for my family.

What do you think is your greatest asset?

My greatest asset is my mind and this unique voice God has blessed me with.




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