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What we know now about AVM Funsho Martins’ death in Lagos Lagoon

Tragedy struck the family of Martins as death cut the dream of their illustrious son, Air Vice Marshal Olufunsho Martins, short on Saturday, October 28, 2017, alongside his driver, when his Ford Explorer Sports Utility Vehicle with number plates: GGE 456 BT, somersaulted and plunged into the Lagos lagoon on Third Mainland bridge. brings you what we know now about the death of Retired Airforce Officer in the Lagos lagoon:

The late Air Vice Marshal had just returned from the United Kingdom, to attend the burial of a relative.

He was reportedly heading home after he attended the birthday party of one of his church members held at his hotel in Ikeja when the accident took place.

The vehicle had a head-on collision with another, at about 10:55 pm on Saturday before it fell into the muddy section of the lagoon.

When officials of Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) were prompted, they immediately rushed to the scene and succeeded in recovering the bodies of both the retired Air force officer and his driver intact. A Ford Explorer Sports Utility Vehicle, in which the General and his driver were, was brought out from the lagoon in the early hours of Sunday at about 2:30am by officials of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) and local divers, with both occupants dead and parts of the vehicle damaged, indicating the impact of the collision.

His true identity was revealed through an identity card found inside the vehicle after it was brought out. Both bodies were thereafter, taken to the Nigerian Airforce Hospital, Ikeja. Meanwhile, bodies of the victims and the wreckage of the car were brought to Yaba Police station in the early hours of Sunday by officials of LASEMA.

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