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‘Whether I’m a virgin or not is nobody’s business’- Actress Fisayo Ajisola

Fisayo Ajisola is a Nollywood actress who shot into limelight through her superlative role in the soap, Burning Spear.

She invited ENCOMIUM Weekly to her annual Jewel Empowerment Programme for Youths and Students and in an exclusive interview with the delectable actress cum student shared her success story with us…


How do you feel about today?

I am so happy that everything went well. I really appreciate MTN Foundation and the presence of the Oyo state Commissioner of Education, Prof. Solomon Oladapo Olaniyonu. You can see the turnout of dignitaries and over 250 students from 15 schools.

What inspired it?

I’m a young woman who has lived independently and believe all youths too should be independent in knowing what’s good or bad. I grew up to know that my destiny is in my own hands and I want to take charge of it. What happened is that I discovered myself early. Thus, the passion started from my secondary school days. I knew I would organise a programme like this that will impact the lives of youths. The vision came into being in 2011. That was the year I got admitted into the university. However, the first programme kicked off in 2012 and this is the third anniversary. Interestingly, it has been a self sponsored programme since inception hoping it will get the nod of corporate organisations soon. Most times they play politics with proposals. My colleagues were not here because this is an educative forum and I don’t want to jeopardize my vision.

It seems you are so passionate about youth empowerment?

Yes, because I feel so bad when I see young girls go into prostitution and young guys making money fraudulently.  I want to make money too but in a clean way.

Why the choice of Ibadan?

Like I told you, it’s a formal thing without a hidden agenda. It is also an annual thing that we take to different states. By Gods grace we will take it to Lagos next year.

How will you describe the journey as an actress?

The journey has been fantastic. My growth has been steady. It’s more of a step at a time. I am actually still schooling. I’m studying Biochemistry and in my final year. It’s not been easy combining school, acting and NGO together.

At such a tender age you are involved in so many things, is it a function of your background?

My parents have little impact in where I am today. When I told my parents that I was going into acting, I was 18 and already through with Wale Adenuga’s PEFTI, they thought it was youthful exuberance. I even changed my church to Daystar. By then, a lot of positive things were coming my way.

With the motivational books I have read and adequate preparations, I already have a sense of direction on what I wanted. Whenever I see youths exhibiting youthful exuberance I wished could be a role model to them. Though I play too, I add value to lives. What really helped is that I discovered myself on time.

We have a lot of youths who are gainfully employed but I’m sure sixty percent of them have been sexually harassed in one way or the other. The most important thing is how you manage it. Whenever you are pressurised, it’s whom you are that will define you. It will define your lifestyle and value system. What really encouraged sex for roles in Nollywood is because a lot of young people got the wrong information about the industry. They believe that when you go for auditioning just throw yourself at them and you will clinch the job.

Have you indulged in any nasty thing that you now consider odd?

I am a very careful person.

Are you into any relationship?

No, I’m not.

Have you ever dated anyone in the industry?

No, the industry is out of it. I will never date anybody in the industry.

Have you had a crush on anybody?

I am not a freak. I am too busy to be a freak.

What’s your relationship with the Oyo State Commissioner of Education?

What kind of relationship do I have with him than the fact that we invited him for this event and he came. There is no relationship. We just have a working relationship.

You sounded so morally rich, are you a virgin?

That is my personal affair. Virgin or no virgin, that is no body’s business.




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