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Why men are raping minors

Rape, a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse, which is initiated by one or more persons against another without that person’s consent, is now common in Nigeria. Often carried out by physical force, coercion, or abuse of authority, rape of minors who are by law incapable of valid consent is now frequently reported.

So disturbing is the incidence of rapes and sexual molestation of persons below the legal age of consent that parents, civil society groups and society at large are urging authorities to save children from pedophiles. 

It is in the light of the above that ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the opinion of Nigerians on the abominable crime now ravaging our cities…


The non-challant attitude by parents on their children’s issue. Mothers should try to expantiate more on sexual issues with their children and counsel them on the need to keep away from social vices like night parties, bad company, etc. A better and more cruel punishment for offenders. Amputation/death by hanging.


Loss of moral value. Absolute freedom. I recommend prison, stringent fine and re-orientation.


Lack of job among the youths in order to get married, and they have to answer the call of nature. Second, indecent dressing among our ladies, including the minors. Jobs should be provided for the youths at federal, state and local levels. Parents should educate their children on decent dressing, how important it’s to dress very well, especially in a country like Nigeria.

After meeting up with the above, any married man caught should be stoned to death while un-married man guilty should be given 90 stroke of cane. That’s Allah’s injunction.


The mass media has, in no small way, promoted nudity, indecency and pornography. People now have access to all kinds of things which create need in the people to do these acts. Parents/guardians should educate their children on how to sit, talk and behave in public. Kids, especially girls, should be lectured on what a guy should not do to them, so they know that they should be alarmed, if the play gets out of hand.

Parents should be careful of the kind of clothes their kids wear and how to keep proper decorum whenever in public. Children should not go into people’s rooms without the permission of the parents or run errands for strangers. Culprits should be made to see a psychologist who will make them understand the implication of what they have done. The psychologist could also paint a gory picture of similar things happening to the culprit’s daughter/sister. A jail sentence is not usually the right way to deal with them because it is more of a mind thing, and there’s no assurance whatsoever that they won’t do the same things when they get out of prison.


It is the fulfillment of the Bible. In fact, the sons of Lucifer have taken over the earth. Rape is a heinous crime that must be condemned by all. Like I said, before you blame the devil as well as wickedness and lust on the part of the offenders, my brother, there is a great force that pushed a 50 year old man to rape a 10 year old girl. That is an abomination.

I recommend capital punishment. They should rot in jail for life.


Yes, it is true that a lot of minors are now being sexually molested by adults and that is evil, no matter how you look at it. That’s my take.

I think the collapse of moral values and the devil are to blame. It is the signs of the end time. The National Assembly should strengthen laws against rape, sexual assault with stiffer penalties. The minimum prison term should be 50 years. Security agencies should also identify habitual sex offenders and categorize them.


I really don’t know. It is worrying that there are fresh cases. We see and read in the papers every other day. Those caught for rape should be punished properly. They should be embarrassed too by having their faces published and shown on TV. I think if rapists spend up to 30 years in prison, it is not too much.


I don’t know what’s responsible but I don’t think that those who do it are mentally balanced. Offenders should face the wrath of the law. Rapists should spend the rest of their lives in jail.


We need to start from our homes. As it is rightly said, charity begins at home. Some parents are responsible for the rape of their children. Apart from the fact that the perpetrators of evil act are agents of the devil, parents should be mindful of the kind of clothes they buy for their female children. Imaging a 10 year old girl wearing body revealing dresses, what do you expect at the end of the day? So, all responsible mothers should protect their children from sexual assault first before blaming the evil man. Also, there is gross indiscipline all over the place.

Some people think they can just do whatever they like and go away with it. Some Nigerians don’t believe our laws are working. Our government should be serious about the issue first. Then, ensure that appropriate penalty is meted to culprits.

Also, parents should teach their children the ways of God. They should be jailed for not less than 35 years without an option of fine.


I think it’s madness. I wouldn’t believe there should be any reason other than that. But if we look at it critically, I think those involved in that have ulterior motives, because I don’t think there is anything they stand to enjoy in raping minors. Parents should just keep watch on their wards, especially the female children. They should also be mindful of the kind of people in their environment.

They should be sentenced to life imprisonment.


It is really sad that such a thing is happening. I think a lot of people are jobless. Then, they entertain evil thoughts. It is really inhuman.

We need to pray, because these are signs of the end time. A very long term jail sentence is appropriate.


Stupidity, wrong upbringing and peer pressure. Parents should also watch their children, train them in the way of the Lord. We also need to return to God and pray more.

They should either chop off the offenders’ manhood or life imprisonment.


It is just the breakdown in moral attitude of the people. We no longer have the fear of God. The heart of man is full of evil and the only help we need is the fear of God. From the religious angle, we should put the fear of God first. If that is done, no one would want to have sex with a girl who is still in her teens. From the legal angle, punitive measure should be put in place to deter people from doing it.

There is ready made law for culprits, that law should be allowed to work effectively. The right punishment should be meted out to culprits because the cases are on the rise now.


It is more of wicked intent, because I see no sense in a man having sex with an underage girl. The right punishment as prescribed by the law should be applied in the case of rape, not only minor cases. If we take those cases reported seriously and adequate punishment meted to culprits, there will be a reduction in occurrence. Jail term with hard labour is recommended for culprits.


I think indiscipline is responsible for the increased incidents of the rape of minors. There should be strict measures for culprits. I recommend that those who are caught raping minors be castrated.


Lack of sexual and adult education. Sexual education in the sense that men should know it’s not right to have forceful or any intercourse with minors. Transparency, this is when people who have suffered such ordeals come out to tell their stories and involve the police without fear of victimization. Also, education on rape cases, and effects can also help people to be less judgmental about rape victims but join hands to make sure offenders are punished.

I recommend punishment by jail term without bail for offenders.


It is just stupidity and also the influence of hard drugs. Once these drugs have been taken, they can do anything. They need sexual orientation. Also seminars should let people know more about the dangers of hard drugs.

They should be jailed without bail term. Such people should be taken to rehab.


I think it’s illiteracy, because if men are educated to a reasonable extent, they would reaslise that it is very wrong to rape minors or rather kids. I feel the people or men who engage in such act should register for adult education classes, they should learn more about who they should and who not to have sex with.

They need to go back to school. I recommend life imprisonment for any offender.


I think the main cause of rape is frustration, because you can’t see a guy that is balanced in his thinking do such a nasty thing. When you are frustrated, you will be down mentally and psychologically which means you can do anything stupid.

Rape is rape and being frustrated is no excuse. So I think the normal sentence should be given to the culprit. What we can do to curb it lies in the hand of the parents, they should enlighten their children on who and who to be associated with. Also, they should be watch anybody that comes closer to their children, no matter how the person is related to them.

And also, the children should be contented with whatever their parents give them, because most of the culprits use a small thing to trick the victims. It might be money or other material things.



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