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Why Nigerians don’t like micro-weddings

Everybody looks forward to getting married. The glamour and beauty is always a sight to behold but it also comes with expenses that can be burdensome. And that is why some people go for micro weddings which do not require more than 20 to 30 guests. 
We sampled opinions of ladies on if they can choose micro weddings because of the expenses involved in staging elaborate nuptials…
Florence Godwin
No, I can’t. I have a whole lot of friends. I wouldn’t be specific on the number of guests I want as well. I will just give an open invite because there are many people who are eager to see that day. It will not be fair to say this is the number of people I want. I don’t care about the cost of feeding, all I know is that it will definitely be taken care of.
Alimat Jimba
God forbid bad thing, what am I hiding? I have never been married, the only one I would do by God’s grace can’t be a micro one. Even my family is more than the guests of a micro wedding, not to talk of my husband’s family and our friends. I can’t settle for less, micro wedding is less, my enemies will also be there. They will be curious to know what is happening so they are free to come.
Kehinde Olatoro
I am a typical African lady with a large family. My father comes from an extended family, he has seven siblings from his mother and fifteen from his father, they are all more than the number of guests for a micro wedding. My siblings are there, my mother has siblings as well, who will I not invite among them all. So micro wedding is not possible.
Cynthia Ebele
I don’t think any Nigerian can go for a micro wedding. We are Africans with a sizable family. Just invite those you can, it is not all of them that would make it for the wedding. I will just ensure I invite the people I can cater for.
Chimamada Odoh
I wouldn’t opt for a micro wedding because getting married is a thing of joy and not something to be done in secret. I have nothing to hide, why wouldn’t I invite more than 30 people to come and celebrate with me on my memorable day. No matter the state of the economy, I wouldn’t still go for a micro wedding.
Oluchi Ekwo
I don’t like a crowd but twenty people are just too small. It is better to inform people, most of them wouldn’t come than to offend people. Someone got married in my office, she coded it and we didn’t know the date. She just went on leave and we heard she got married, a lot of people were annoyed, they had her in mind thereafter. Just invite the necessary people, not all will there.
Pemisire Awela
No, instead of a micro wedding, I would rather have my wedding on a working day when most people wouldn’t be able to leave their place of work to attend or I take it to the village, most of them wouldn’t be able to travel that far for it.
Tolulope  Ajetuwonbi
Why will I do such a thing. This is a life time event. I will celebrate it in a glamorous way, if possible I will invite the President of Nigeria to attend. God forbid bad thing, when I am not getting married to a disabled, why will I hide such a good thing.
Lola Adewoyin
No I can’t. Forget how we will feed our guests, we will plan much ahead so as to feed a sizable number of people but not like twenty guests. It is not compulsory we have a hall, an open field, my father’s compound is big enough to accommodate a hundred guests, that is a lot for us.
Damilola Opeyemi
I can have a micro wedding if the number is not more than fifty guests. Twenty five from either side is good for me, we would just budget for about seventy guests. That is sizable enough. It is all about cutting our coat according to our cloth.



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