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Young men groan over scarcity of eligible ladies

A good wife material, they say is the wish of every bachelor seeking a life companion. But scarcity of marriageable women has become one of the toughest challenges faced by many young men ready to settle down.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled the opinion of young men about the criteria needed in choosing a life partner. In these chats, they revealed their challenges and reasons it is hard to get eligible women to marry…



Eligible in Nigeria? I doubt if there is any. I can’t start sharing my experience with you but from what I have seen, there’s nothing like eligible woman in Nigeria. A lady once told me that she’s not a civil engineer. She can’t build any relationship. If I am really ready for marriage I should get what it takes and then come back to get her. Can you imagine that?

What she’s trying to tell me is that she can’t endure pain with me. When I am made, I should call. I have seen a lot of them and I doubt what the future of our young ladies hold.



No woman is eligible today. Only prayer can help get one’s perfect life partner. Nigerian women today are battling ‘long throat mentality’. They are not ready to go through pain in any form. What they seek is the rich and capable. Most women in Nigeria today seek a good looking man, tall, has a nice car and owns a perfect apartment. They are gold diggers. I have been praying to God to bless me with my own wife.



Young women today are not only ineligible, they are just useless. First, ask a Nigerian lady to describe her ideal man, you will get sweet words like handsome, fair, fit and rich. Some will even say financially buoyant.



Only prayer can help a young man build a happy relationship that will lead to marriage. No eligible woman to marry. Let me use myself as an example. I am a graduate, just trying to get a promising job that I can depend on. Since I have been trying to keep relationships with ladies, none has ever worked out just because I’m not made yet.

A lady once told me to engage in internet fraud so that I can get rich overnight and she will be mine. The set of ladies we have today are not ready to hear your story. What they need is your money.



I won’t say all ladies are not eligible, it all depends on the choice a man wants for himself. I am not married but I have a relationship which I think might lead to marriage. She’s not perfect but I have learnt to let her know my dos and don’ts. I once dated a lady that told me she cannot suffer in her father’s house and still suffer in her husband’s house. It’s not funny, but she meant it. I had to let her go because I couldn’t meet her demands. When searching for a partner, men should be ready to come across the good, the bad and the worse in a woman.



The problem is that the perspective of ladies about men is the same. They are not ready to start small and end big. It is hard for a man who is ready to marry to meet the demands of ladies of today. Even the rich guys who are into internet fraud are not enough to match all those searching for readymade husbands.



If you look around, majority of the ladies of substance, good virtue and who are ready to build a home with a man are married. The rest are gold diggers. They want to marry a rich man without planning their own future. Ladies are everywhere, most of them lack value. Wife materials are no longer available, only God can help single men.



Wife materials are really scarce. Ladies today set their standard on material acquisitions and physical appearances, forgetting the potential the man has that can turn him to a millionaire. One needs to be careful when choosing a partner today.





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