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Habits to break before a date

Experts say there are certain habits that makes you less attractive during a date. These lifestyles stop you from finding love. Body language expert, Rachel Maclynn gave some tips on how to make your dates count.

Don’t turn a date into an interview. During dates, conversation should be those that veer off in a multitude of directions. You shouldn’t drill your date with too many questions, nobody will enjoy it.

Your body language has a lot do while on a date. When you sit in a lazy posture, it passes a message of being anxious, lack of confidence onto your date.

Being sarcastic is a huge turn off. When you’re trying to draw the attention of the opposite sex, sarcasm makes you sound awful. You can be sarcastic with your friends, but not while on a date.

Lastly, don’t bombard your date with too much text messages.

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